When it's foggy, trust the GPS

1st of March, winter’s about to end. As I drove through an almost zero visibility road this morning, I can’t help but look at the similarities when we go through a change of season in our lives.

In a foggy road, we have to slow down and drive extra safely. We have to turn on the fog lights, and sometimes, turn off the radio to stay clearly focused on the road. We need to sharply look ahead until we see the light. Keep the GPS on to guide you, especially on unfamiliar roads.

Do not look at accidents or at other things happening on the roadside, as they might distract your direction.

When fog happens in life, we have to slow down, revisit our activities and ensure that we’re only doing things that will help us stay focused on the situation. Most importantly, we need to keep looking for the LIGHT, and keep our eyes away from the roadside where fear, discouragement and apathy are waiting for you to crash.

In a change of season stay focused. Trust the GPS - God’s Power & Sovereignty


Photo from Google Image

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