How we did a hassle-free house shifting in Dubai

We are again on the move. And every time we do, it’s all about relocating to a bigger space. After all, the family is growing. The kids are growing too fast too.

Moving places is a twin of stress. It's a great idea until you start packing. You have to pack everything by yourself, disassemble the furniture, and then unpack, and reassemble. The thought of disassembling an Ikea furniture already freaks me out. You need to hire 3-4 people to do it for you, but still end up helping the guys to carry those heavy packages. That 'freelance' service often costs around 700 dirhams + disappointments.

Then we learned of a better way to do it hassle-free... hiring a professional mover company.

We hired Safa Movers again because we are extremely satisfied with our first experience with them two years ago. As we call, they scheduled a visit to our then-current location to estimate how huge would our load be. They brought about 20 boxes for us to pre-pack some of our lighter kinds of stuff.

They gave us a quotation. For a one-bedroom (with really a lot of furniture), they would send 5 manpower +1 driver for AED1,100 plus 5% VAT. Then we agreed on a date and time.

Shifting house gives us also the opportunity to declutter. It's about cleaning out the past, packing up the present, and preparing for a much better future.

On the day of shifting:
  • They arrive 15 minutes before the agreed time fully equipped with more boxes, tools, and trolleys.
  • They pack everything carefully by covering them with bubble wraps, thick cloth wraps, or thick plastic wraps. Each box is appropriately labeled with the house area they belong (living room, bedroom, kitchen)
  • They brought in a cooler box to put in the frozen stuff on the fridge.
  • They fill the fridge with bubble wraps so items inside won’t shake up during the move - including the eggs.
  • They disassemble all Ikea furniture without flaws.
  • They unscrew all curtain rods and other wall fixings.

They are strategic in loading our things into the truck. They did all the packing and loading inside 3 hours.

Upon reaching the new place

  • They unloaded everything so quickly and placed them in the designated rooms
  • They reassemble all the furniture just like how Ikea soldiers do it.
  • They drill holes on the wall for our wall fixings and curtain rods.

They took care of all the lifting, which is a good thing because I was medically restricted to lift any heavy things.

Except for a pair of tile mirror sets (which we did not pack properly), nothing else was brought broken. All appliances were unscathed.

We didn’t hear a single complaint. They work professionally. Less talk, more and quick action. Though our stuffs were too much for the truck they did not ask for additional pay. They did request for a KFC lunch though, which of course we’re very much willing to give.

Everything was finished in a little over 7 hours. For that amount of quality work for a team of 6, it’s not bad to pay the price. It is the comfort, the convenience and the hassle-free experience that we paid for.

Moving places is moving forward - new home, new beginning.

Up next, interior design.

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