The shattering pain of losing Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna

The news didn't make me sleep last night.

What shatters my heart, even more, is the thought of the struggle Kobe Bryant had to go through during the last moments with her daughter Gigi.

How the last exchange of “I love you’s” have sounded, I just can’t imagine.

How painful it is to hug your daughter tight and say goodbye to her, thinking you could still protect her with your arms wrapped around while also juggling other thoughts like, that he’s about to leave his wife and the other 3 daughters behind.

But everything could have happened so quickly, we never know if there’s even that chance for such quick thoughts.

The father in me feels the pain. As a parent, we always strive to create a beautiful life for our kids. Like Kobe, I always wanted to be present in my daughter's moments. I would be the cheerleader, the encourager, the mentor.

And in times that an eventual threat is foreseen ahead, we parents would rather shield them, or step in front wishing that the pain be given to us instead, not to them. We would do everything even if it means our lives.

Prayers up for his wife Vanessa, and the other children. I’m lost for words of what they’re going through right now. May they soon find the strength and the comfort to carry through.

Rest in peace Kobe and Gigi (and everyone on that helicopter). Until your last moments, you gave us this perspective.

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