How did I become part of a TV series

I had a Q and A with TFC couple of months back, about my participation in their first-ever digital miniseries, Hinahanap-Hanap Kita, or HHK.

Here's how it goes:

Q. Paano na-cast sa HHK?

As a blogger, I’ve been working with ABSCBN Middle East for the past few years by blogging about their events, products, and celebrity shows in Dubai. So when they needed a vlogger role, they considered me and asked if I’m interested to be part of something special and a “FIRST” for TFC. How can I say no? It was an instant yes for me.

Q. Paano mo pinaghandaan and character role mo? May similarities ba ang character mo sa HHK sa totoong buhay?

I play myself in HHK so there's not too much of immersing into another character. However, I had struggled to put myself in that little scene with Helen (Maja Salvador) who is burdened with her missing husband. I was overwhelmed and starstruck so much that I wasn't able to show the right emotions. We did about three to four takes each script, though I would have loved to try another sana. 😍 But it’s alright.

Similarities - yes. BoyDubai has become somehow an icon to some people who need emotional, social, vocational and even financial help. A few people recognize the blog as a channel to seek much needed financial assistance. NOT that I am giving them money - but I help them write their stories to send to top news agencies in the region for publishing - especially those looking for donors to aid in the staggering medical bills. I’m just very grateful that my platform became useful to our kababayans even in this regard.

There are also readers from different nationalities who send me messages or call me to seek further advice on their own life situations which I may have written about.

Q. Paano ka nakarelate sa character mo sa HHK?

My vlog, Walk-in with Boy Dubai, is about encouraging the viewers with various inspiring stories of my guests.  So having someone like Helen in a vlog feels like I’m just doing my typical content, with just an added public service element (the panawagan).

Q. Bilang isang cast sa HHK, ano yung most challenging part?

Acting next to Maja - no practice, no drills kasi. 😊As I’ve said, starstruck ako eh. And the fan in me didn't help to loosen myself up for the scenes. Even though it was just like doing my usual thing, may kaba habang dinedeliver ko yung lines ko with Maja beside me.

Q. Paano nabago ng HHK ang buhay mo?

Well, it gave me an opportunity to somehow do an "acting" (which is one of my childhood dreams). Even though it was just a token role, I really appreciate how detail-oriented the director and the production was. For direk Dado and his crew, there's no such thing as a small role. They want everything done with precision.

And the production team also inspired me from the days they're doing their research in the city. They traveled to Dubai and went to all the places to study the location, the people and the stories of the people who will be portrayed in the project. Goes to show how focused and committed they are to deliver a genuinely beautiful craft.

Q. Ano bang natutunan mo sa character mo sa HHK?

It became an affirmation that my blog/vlog, despite not having a huge following, serves a great purpose. We don’t know how much impact we could give even to ONE PERSON by doing something useful for them - just like the role I played with Helen.

Maja Salvador came back to Dubai 6 months after the shoot for the premier.

Q. Ano dapat abangan o subaybayan sa HHK?

Filipinos all over the world would see how Filipinos are segmented in Dubai. The miniseries has done a great job in portraying it. Kudos to the research team again. It’s a light feel-good miniseries that will surely give the audience some laughter and good tears at the same time.

Also, see Dubai from a different perspective while maintaining a realistic depiction of life here. You’ll be proud to see how Filipinos thrive to live and contribute to this beautiful city.

Here's my behind the scene vlog:

Thank you ABS-CBN and TFC for this amazing opportunity.

You can still watch the 8-episode series via

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