How one Facebook post lead to creation of Dubai's newest content platform

One morning, I posted this on Facebook:

We're looking for bloggers / aspiring bloggers who have the dream to make it big in writing. If you're interested and you are driven by purpose, please send a message and let's make it more meaningful from there.

I got 43 quick messages on my inbox and 41 comments on the post - many from UAE and some from all over the world. Next time I know, I completely shifted my focus replying to the messages one by one.

It was very encouraging, to say the least, that such a number of people would step up for that kind of "call." Many of them have really great perspective and it's just a matter of finding the right platform and network of people to share those insights with.

I arranged a meeting with many of them over coffee, and each meeting was exciting. I shared the idea with my friend, Lance of Dublog, and asked him if we could do this. It's a YES for him - without inhibitions.

With the help of Lance, Jeff, Rod and Oliver, we put the context of BXD in better shape.

After a few weeks, we had our first physical meetup as a group. What was previously a strange mix of people instantly became a tribe - embracing each other's differences and celebrating similarities instead.

So what is BXD?

BXD is not just another website. We are a network of content co-creators committed to informing, inspiring, involving, and empowering the glocal communities through stories shaped in a meaningful perspective and encouraging context.

We envision through this platform that people will be reminded of how great life is no matter what. We will write blogs, make videos and sound off on podcasts to make it known, repeatedly.

Our Values

We are Passion & Purpose-driven people willing to start conversations.

We live with full joy today while aspiring to change the world tomorrow.

We love God and we love others, and so we encourage one another and build each other up.

We believe in co-creation and collaboration. We grow together

We simplify work. We deliver value.

We embrace diversity. We seek similarities over differences.

We prioritize family over work and advocacy.

What we gonna do?

You're probably thinking there's already an information overload in the world and here's another one to adding that.

Well, more than the info overload, we have people suffering from INFOBESITY to reach out to. Infobesity or infoxication refers to the difficulty of a person in understanding an issue and making decisions that can be caused by the presence of too much information.

There's indeed so much content in the digital world. We're here to channel you through a meaningful perspective about them. We're about presenting the "WHAT THE F***" into "WHAT THE FUN;" the fear of missing out (FOMO) into the joy of missing out (JOMO).

We’re not looking for millions of likes, but millions of magic moments through uplifting content.

“Adding value to others is the surest way to add value to our own lives.” - John Maxwell

What we're not doing?

We're not touching anything that will divide the society and are detrimental to any culture like gossips, biased political stands, scams, easy-money schemes, pseudosciences, complaints, rants, sexism, offensive humor, attacks to any religion and ethnicity - any negativity.

However, we may pick one of these and look at it at a deeper perspective - giving you a different lens to look at things.

What matters

We'll keep highlighting the brighter side of things in all we are about to do. It's the BXDs that matter. Those Blissful Xperiences Daily; or Being Xceptional Daily; or having a Blessed Xtraordinary Day.

On behalf of our dynamic team, I welcome you to BXD, now.

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