Was the Philippine Flag displayed the wrong way?

A huge milestone happened last night when the Philippine flag was flashed on the facade of 2 world-record-holding attractions in Dubai.

First, a nearly 4-minute light and water musical show at IMAGINE in Dubai Festival City - a 2-time Guinness world record-breaking visual and sensory extravaganza of lasers, light, water, (and fire) to tell remarkable, emotive stories. Aside from our flag, beautiful images of our famous tourist spots, our culture, Manny Pacquiao and Catriona Gray were also shown.

Thirty five minutes later, the Philippine colors was quickly displayed at the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, in front of an overflow crowd at the fountain area.

While most spectators are in a festive mood, an increasing number of people started debating if the flag was displayed correctly or not. Some say that the colors should've been reversed. 

In the Philippines rulebook, it is written that "the blue field should be to the right (left of observer) and the red field to the left (right of the observer)."

If in a hanging position, the blue field shall be to the left (observer's point of view) in time of peace, and the red field to the left (observer's point of view) in time of war. 

I did not see anything wrong about the colors. But this blog is not really about the rule. I'm more concerned about how some people see things. 

When I was informed about these 2 activities weeks back, I was delighted. I was beaming with excitement. And after standing in front of each of them, I was full of joy and was smiling all along. Para akong nabigyan ng award. I appreciate how our nation was recognized in such a huge fashion.

There's so much goodness throughout the moment, I never bothered to check if something was wrong.

Now look at this photo again:

Visualize a pole on right and look at the flag swaying towards left. Can you still see something wrong?

Friends, let's check our perspective. Are we more prone to look at what's wrong first before appreciating what went right? Does that give us satisfaction or discomfort?

In the video below and on any other occasion, when the national anthem is playing, no one bats an eye on people not putting their right hand to their left chest.

We cannot be a selective genius.

Try to appreciate first. Make it a priority. Appreciation is one of the best ways to start reversing a twisted perspective. Every time you are urged to criticize, look again and focus on the brighter side. That's the perspective that really matters.

Another great way to combat a twisted perspective is being grateful at all times. A moment of gratitude makes a huge difference in our attitude. Be thankful that such feat happened. Thank you to the Philippine Independence Day leadership and organizing team and to the Phillippine Consulate General Office.

And to the team behind the DFC showpiece, I'm impressed! Al Futtaim must be very proud of you. It was well planned and organized - from the pre-launch to the show.

You made one big thing that Filipinos all over the world can be proud of.

Mabuhay ang malayang pag-iisip!

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