How to keep the GLOW in marriage

A friend saw us snap a selfie (Photo below) last night and said, "Wow may prenup dito ah..."

If you've been following us through the years, you know how much we love taking photos. For us, a picture is also an expression of our feelings. We see a glow that goes beyond the skin every time we look at our photos.

In our marriage, what sparks glow is the way we express our thoughts to each other. I call this, "expressions that GLOW."

Here's what I mean:

G - Ganda/Gwapo mo!

Sino pa bang unang magsasabi na ang ganda/gwapo ng partner mo di ba? We always compliment each other not only about the looks but every specific detail that goes with it. I mean, we say, "Ang ganda mo ngumiti," "Wag ka na maligo, gwapo ka naman sa jacket mo e," "Ganda ng idea mo babe," "Gwapo ka naman pag nagsalita ka na." You get my point, right?

L - Labyu (Love you)

This is one of our spark plugs. I can't count how many times we exchange 'I love you' in a day. Sometimes, out of nowhere, one will just send a text saying Labyu. In our 11 years of marriage, it is still a norm.

O - Okay lang yan.

We encourage and lift each other up. For example, when Raqz feels bad for not being able to do the chores, I'd say "Okay lang yan, mabuti nakapag-pahinga ka." These 3 words often lead to appreciating what went right, rather than pointing to what did not.

W - Wow, not e di wow!

Dati, because she has a good sense of humor, she'd often react "Eh di wow!" every time I say something. That kinda didn't sit well with me on some occasions. We talked about it and addressed it. From then on, she doesn't use that phrase anymore. Now, whenever I have a new idea to share, she'll say "Wow" followed by her positive thoughts. The support is louder.

These expressions would not be possible if we do not abide by what the bible says about love, especially this one: “Love does not to keep records of wrong.” Because if the disappointments yesterday, the past mistakes remain in you, how can you even start talking?

Keep the glow!

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