TIME, it's what matters most to kids

You know those hand clapping games - Patty cake, Rock Paper Scissors, or Nanay Tatay? We were playing these games the other night and it really got 'out of hand.' :P

The games got 'competitive!' Aya was at the height of cheers, jumping here and there when she suddenly exclaimed in Tagalog, these exact words, "Wohoo! Ang saya-saya ako sa buhay nato! Wohooo. Thank you Ama! Ang saya-saya sa pamilya ako!" Repeatedly... while giving us tight hugs. (Sorry, she's still learning to speak Tagalog better.)

Raqz and I were in awe, overjoyed to hear those words from a child.

Over the years, we're happy to see that she finds utmost joy in family time and conversations, and not on material things. When Saturday is about to end, she's less happy because it's gonna be work week again. She'll start counting down for the next weekend. When I reach home few minutes late, she'll ask why I was late - is it traffic or too much work. :P She starts the conversation by asking sensible questions like, "How's office?", "How's your boss?", "Did you finish your baon, daddy?" etc. Then she'll tell her stories of the day.

So back on that night, when I thought she's calmed down, Aya added, "You know daddy, family bonding is much better than playing outside."

Our hearts melt.

What Proverbs 22:6 is LEGIT, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

And one of the ways we "train" Aya is modeling. She sees how we are very conversational, she's becoming good at conversations too. She sees how we love writing sweet nothings on post-its, she does it too. She sees how wacky and fun-loving her parents are, and yes she's becoming even better at that.

It's how you show things.

For her, family time is prime.

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