Kid's wisdom these days

The other night, the wife and I had a fight, in front of our 6-year old daughter Aya. It was just a little argument that got escalated. We usually don’t show we’re arguing in front of her. That night, emotions got the better of me. I was on top of my voice.

All throughout that time, we realized that Aya was with us and intently listening. She was writing on her journal while trying to butt in some questions.

We talk back to her to say we’re just discussing a small thing. Then she showed these scribbles to us.

All the while we were fighting, she was actually planning a way to pacify us. Look at these ‘waivers’ asking us to say sorry and put our signature on it!

Her words, “Ayoko ng away sa pamilya na to!” (I don't want any fights in this family) That was something!

So as we were trying to calm ourselves down, Aya’s gestures fascinated us so much that it didn’t take long for us to reconcile.

The scene ended up with group hugs and kisses.

I’m still amused how wiser her thoughts are becoming as she grows. Imagine if she has a Facebook, she could have posted a live video that night hehe.

While fights are inevitable in any relationships, that moment reminded us that we should hold a firm control of our emotions to avoid it spilling in front of the children. And when the inevitable happens, we parents should be humble to admit our mistake.

So as we were “signing our papers,” we explained to her how and why the verbal spat happened. Then we said sorry, and we asked her to forgive us.

She ended by saying, “I thought you’re just imitating KADENANG GINTO.” San galing yun?

And the night bursted into laughters.

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