How to prevent kids from being exposed to Momo?

You must have heard already about the newest evil craze online. Parents, we must act quick to prevent our kids from being exposed to it, so here are quick ways we could prevent it from happening:

1. Do not search about this app or game on your phone

If you google it or search videos on Youtube, you are just helping the algorithm to push and list these contents on the related videos.

2. Educate them that Momo CHALLENGE is not MOMOLAND

Younger kids may have a tendency to click it thinking that it has something to do with their favorite girl group. Tell them what it really is. Let them understand that as they grow, they will encounter similar stories - just as we we have encountered creepy urban legends when we were young.

3. Report videos

In case you stumble on these videos on Youtube, report it immediately. This will help reduce the number of similar videos that show up on your "Up next" list. Click here to learn how to report videos.

4. No Youtube (or digital games) for now

Talk to them about the current situation. Let them understand about the preventive measure you're doing and the risks that you're avoiding to happen to them. Do something as a replacement, which leads me to the next point…

5. Play with them even more

If your kids have developed attachment to Youtube, you need to fill the time that you're taking them away from it. Take them to the nearest park and playground. Play board games. I’ve been buying lots of board games and activity games. You can find some from Babyshop for as low as AED20 only.

Discover what they are interested about. Maybe storybooks, maybe some little chores in the household. Involve them in it.

We cannot be with our kids all the time, especially when they go to school. So spend more time with them, talk to them a lot - A LOT! Get into details of their typical day (but not in an intrusive way). It will help in establishing your authority even stronger. Even if they heard something from their peers, your words will be their foundation - you alone are their authority. 

The world is calling us parents.


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