How I dispute a parking fine with RTA

I always use mobile parking for its convenience and I’m diligent about it 99% of time. Last week, I got fined. So when I got the notification, I checked my phone right away to look for the confirmation SMS.

I sent an mParking SMS at 9:43AM, and the timestamp in the issued ticket was also 9:43AM. I double-checked on RTA website, and yes indeed, the fine is recorded 9:43AM.

Knowing that RTA is active on Twitter, I mentioned them in a tweet asking how the case could be resolved.

Here’s how the conversation transpired:

Their response:

Then the private chat followed:

Before the day ended, they sent a message that the case was filed accordingly, giving me a feeling of assurance that this matter will be thoroughly looked into.

An SMS was also sent:

After 2 working days, I got a call from RTA. The phone rep apologized for the inconvenience they caused, and added that the fine is now removed from their record. It was a sweet short talk.

Few seconds after, I got this SMS.

I think this is a golden customer care. They replied in no time on Twitter; politely asked me the right questions; forwarded the inquiry to the concerned department. And they gave me updates as they happen - on Twitter, SMS and call. I was not left worrying wondering. I feel premium.

And to further sweeten the experience, they apologized sincerely on the phone call and on SMS. I love how these channels are connected.

What happened in the parking could just be a 1 in 10000 case. I left the car, the inspector came. It might have been a matter of few seconds gap.

Nevertheless, RTA apologized for the "inconvenience." Thank you so much and I really appreciate the action done.

Both parties win.


If you'll have a similar situation in the future, don't hesitate to politely contact RTA via social media (or other channels) as they are very responsive and considerate. They have a dedicated department that look into disputes like this.

RTA, keep upholding this great customer experience. 

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