Chowking involved in one 'hearty attack'

I was at work, she's at home.

Chowking heeded my request as I ordered lunch for the wife thru Zomato.

At the checkout, in the 'Special cooking instructions," I requested Chowking to "add some cheese" in the delivery. This is what I asked them to do:

Instead of a cooking instruction, I tried to ask for something that won't cost them much - and, something that is "great if you do, okay if not."

To my surprise, they did! (But without the rose - of course that will cost extra :P  - although I'm willing to pay).

Look at how they've written the message all over:

I'm not sure if it's my lucky day that the attendant could also be filled with love.

And doing it for the second time still brought her some surprise...

She was delighted and felt so loved that day. She told me I should have not ordered dessert because this whole thing is loaded with sweetness already.

Guys (and girls), these petty cheesy little stuffs do wonders. Be creative and think non-traditional - and free. Love don't cost a thing.

Always try to do something new for your partner every now and then. It's healthy for the relationship. Sometimes, it's just a matter of making ordinary things, extraordinary.

Chowking, thank you for being my accomplice. Stay cheesy! (Can I try the rose next time?)

CTTO * Main photo source

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