Cannot understand the wife

Sometimes I cannot understand my wife.

When we dropped the plan to hire a helper, we agreed to manage the household chores in a more realistic manner especially I'm going back to work and she'll be left alone with the kids and the chores.

If you have a first grader, you'll need to spend more time with her - preparing for school, meals, reviewing her lessons (exams every week), helping make her projects, and some play time in between - that's almost a day already.

And then we have a newborn who feeds almost every hour; a bossy baby who doesn't allow us to get at least 3 hours straight of sleep, always wanting to be cradled.

Not to mention, we have a growing business to manage.

So I thought I'd rather take more instant meals during these times to not put much pressure on the wife. I bought some tuna, corned beef and instant noodles already. I can eat Rio Mare everyday.

Now here's why I don't understand the wife... Since I started working again, I always leave home with a full tummy; And when I go home at night, a well-prepared dinner is already waiting for me.

I mean, how in the world can she still cook salmon steak, tinola, sinigang, mussels, lumpiang shanghai, AND EMBUTIDO, among others; And also ref cake, pandan jelly, AND TURON for snacks and dessert - while attending to everything she has to do at home.

Until now I haven't opened any of the canned goods yet.

All these while maintaining a high standard cleanliness in the house; the laundry basket always empty, and not a single strand of hair can be found on the floor.

And oh, I never heard her complain at all. (Just a little request of massage :P )

You know before Savin was born, we receive well wishes and also lots of "good lucks". People ought to think things will become quite unorganize once a baby comes out. Well, not when you have a rock foundation.

What I see in my wife is a manifestation of God's wisdom in her life. I thank God for working on our marriage even more and for continuously showering us with encouragement, hope and love. True enough, when you ask for wisdom, He will give it to you.

Thank you babe for making it a habit to keep our love tank full. It's so nice to celebrate love every day. We love you mommy Raqz.

Thank you for being a good W.I.F.E.


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