• What a restaurant did with a delayed food delivery

    A little proactive decision makes up for an impending customer dissatisfaction

    Zomato has an ongoing 50% off No Cooking Week promo and I found Wing Stop on the list. I ordered one item - 8 Wings Combo with mixed flavor of garlic parmesan and mango habanero - paid only AED 20 + delivery charge.

    I love the proactive way Carlo from Wing Stop handled my order. Fifteen minutes before the expected arrival of delivery (1:15PM), he called me to apologize and advise of the impending half-hour delay.

    Carlo, as he continued talking, offered to make up for it by adding 10 extra wings on them, with their best-selling flavor Louisiana.

    Why not? He didn't gave me a chance to even question the delay; offered the complimentary item right away. And... and, that's more than 100% of what I ordered too.

    On top of this, as the order gets extra delayed, Zomato offered some few bucks of credit I can use for my next order. This is not the first time Zomato gave me credits to compensate for delayed deliveries.

    I wish it didn't had to be extra delayed though. We received the order 2:08. But still, well played, Wing Stop and Zomato. Thank you.

    Customer care got wings!

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