Manager saves the day, uplifts a hearty customer experience

When switching jobs in Dubai, it is a common practice that salary accounts with existing finances are put on hold until the new visa is received.

It happened to me. Because I have business finance in Emirates Islamic Bank, they had to put my account on hold the moment my 'End Of Service' (EOS) pay from my previous employer was deposited.

The length of visa application process - including the delay in cancellation of my previous visa - took its toll on me. I had to request the bank to lift the on-hold status. As I didn't received my last month's salary (it is bundled with the EOS), and I've been idle for 6 weeks, daily finances became stiffed situations.

After a conversation with a phone banking representative, I went to their Dubai Festival City branch to submit the requirements as I understood from the phone call. I brought my new salary certificate, an official copy of visa status change, and an official copy of my Emirates ID application.

Apparently, those docs are not enough. It is their strict policy that they need to see the original visa stamped on a passport, and/or the Emirates ID before they can release the  money. I totally understand and respect that.

I shared my story to the customer service rep thinking maybe they could consider giving an exemption - especially I am legally documented and the visa formalities are on the way, and that the money I'm requesting is MY money anyway.

It took quite a while to convince the customer service staff to bring me to the manager. He was really firm on the policy. He instead passed me to his colleague. This man listened to me attentively. He asked more relevant questions. He wanted to help. This guy called the manager to his table so I can share my story.

I have a newborn who has no birth certificate yet, no medical insurance yet, a pending tenancy contract renewal, etc.

I elaborated my story to the manager. Mr. Mohamed U listened intently and carefully thought about it. He was mapping a solution as we discuss.

Because of a really good, spotless record in the bank, and because I was trapped in my situation, he considered my case. He emailed the concerned department to look at it and take action beyond their usual timetable. He even made a phone call to the department head to really speed up the process.

He did not promised anything though. But the fact that he sent a request to look at it and push boundaries to see other possible options, is already something big for me. I left the bank smiling with hope, and trust God is on top of everything.

In just 10 minutes later, he called me to say that, because of the situation I was in and a good record indeed, part of my EOS has just been made available already.

I couldn't be more grateful. I thank Mr. Mohamed for intentionally looking into my case, seeing the pain points and taking extra steps to show how much they care and value their customers.

Really thankful to EIB Festival City branch - that's heart at the center of customer service. May you inspire more people to listen through the heart while still ensuring that company policy and standards remain at the highest form.

Sometimes, humanity is the best policy. But all the time, humanity is really the policy. full-width

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