7 emerging Filipino vloggers to watch out for this year

Did you know that there are 1000 vloggers starting their channel every day? No, I just made that up. But real statistics could not be far from that. This growth in numbers is nothing but a great indicator of continued adaptation of digital content innovation.

Last year, we've seen quite great ones within the Filipino community. Here are 7 emerging vloggers that are making waves because they keep making sense of what they do.

7. Emaratino Traveler

Fahed Al Baloushi is half-Filipino, half-Emarati. Though he lives in 2 different cultures, his favorite dish remains adobong manok, tinola, tortang talong and kare-kare, in addition to madfoon laham or biryani deyay(chicken). He vlogs about the interesting differences and similarities between cultures. He is a living bridge to understand both cultures and the beauty of its co-existence.

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6. The Expat Advisor

Arman Vengco Felipe is a financial planner and advisor who is very passionate in creating positive financial change in the lives of many. He has spoken to more than 5000 + individuals both in doing house-to-house talks and in seminars. His vlog, Expat Advisor

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5. Empowered Expats

Jay and Mang Emong are winning it this early. They use this newly-found platform in promoting personal development and personal finance in a fun and informative way. You won't have a dull moment when watching the duo. Natawa ka na, na-educate ka pa!

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4. RaphZshotS

Raph uses his vlogs to capture special moments and experiences and present them in a different perspective.

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3. I am Shanwein

Shanwein depicts every person who chooses to win any battle in life. Who choose to rise above any adversity and who chooses to give hope to people when nobody is there to provide it. She vlogs to create awareness among expats about how to resolve their immigration issues like absconding, overstaying, visa processes and a bit of OFW-related humor. She also loves to do reaction videos that makes sense.

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2. Edward Matro

Edward is one of the coolest resident K-tizens of TFC's K-world. In his personal vlogs, he shares interesting insights about what life throws you. He also vlogs about food and his experiences living as expat in the UAE. You won't get tired listening to his relatable advises.

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1. Real Talk Darbs

When Darbs talks, all you can say is... "oo nga no!" This fast-rising vlogger has a uniquely powerful way connect to his audience. His vlog is a straightforward humor with sense. Watch and subscribe 'coz you'll surely want a dose of Darbs everyday.

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Do you know any promising vloggers in the community? Please share their works in the comments below to also let our readers know.

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