Why #10YearChallenge Makes Sense

Ten years ago, nobody told us this hashtag 10YearChallenge would be trending today. But I’m sure you have also been asked this question:

How do you see yourself ten years from now?

Here's the vlog:

Ten years is too long for some significant changes not to happen in our lives. These years bring a bunch of experiences to gain and lessons to learn. Some of us have been there, done that.

We may be amused about how “hard” aging had hit us, physically.

But as we look at those photos, let’s also look what else happened in that ten-year span in the other aspects of our growth, aside from our looks.

How far are you in making your dreams come true?

How’s your health? Career? Finances? Your relationships? Your faith?

Have you received what you’ve been praying for all these years? And have you been grateful after it was given to you?

To many of us, it’s not about ourselves anymore. In my case, I’ve created a beautiful family. My priorities changed, my perspective have changed.

Change could imply growth or lack of it. Let’s also look at this 10 year challenge beyond AGING, and keep an eye on how MATURITY has hit us.

And in case you have not achieved your goals yet, KEEP GOING, and be consistent with a positive attitude. Never compare your journey to others as we are all created unique.

You might have stumbled and made bad decisions in the past. Take time to look into those, and try making better decisions from now on.

We all have different timelines. Sometimes it takes 10 years or even more to get that one year that will change your life.

Don’t ever give up. Every day is another chance to change.  There is always a brighter perspective to look at.

Always remember, God's plans and way better than the frustrations in your life.

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