San Bidet, an app every balikbayan will love

Finally, a mobile app every OFW (especially from UAE) will surely love. It's not GPS, not Grab, but it's also a navigation app on its own. It tells us the location of toilets with bidet in the Philippines.

Talk about being witty while purpose-driven at the same time, the app is called 'San Bidet' and was developed by Laurence Velasco who quipped "...para kumportable jumebs" as his objective in creating the app.

It's great news for every balikbayan like us who have already forgotten what a 'tabo' is and are now used to a bidet every time the nature calls. You'll definitely want to install this when you're on vacation in the Philippines.

The app is now available for free in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

User's can submit more toilet locations on the app's Facebook and Twitter pages, and when verified will be added on the listing.

And... if you're a mall or restaurant owner, if you wanna be listed, install a bidet, okay. :P

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