Hawa-Hawa inflatable park opens in La Mer Dubai

If you are like us who's always looking for great outdoor activities for the family, you might also want to do Hawa-Hawa next.

Hawa-Hawa, a huge trampoline park shaped and inspired by dunes, opened in La Mer recently.

Hawa Hawa is an exciting new inflatable playground for children, teenagers and adults who can’t sit still - or who just feel like jumping for joy. The dune-shaped concept originates from Japan, where it has been installed in public parks and other open spaces. Hawa Hawa is also the first of its kind outside of East Asia, with two unique dunes and seven peaks where families and friends can share some low-impact, high-intensity trampoline-type fun together. Each of the two dunes at Hawa Hawa are made from an all-weather double-skin tensile membrane that has been tested and imported directly from Japan, with a small dune and large dunes ensuring various age groups can play alongside each one another.

Why is free-jumping good for kids?

The free-jumping playground consists of two dunes and seven peaks, and is great for visitors of all ages who want to engage in a low-impact, high-intensity activity.

I always encourage my daughter to do trampoline because of these 3 key points:
  1. Free-jumping makes kids (and anyone) happy, while just being a low-energy passive exercise.
  2. It's a great diversion from the "screens," and the right social activity for them as they get mixed up with other kids on the jump as well.
  3. It increases fitness. It helps improve coordination, balance and their young muscle development.
After reaping all its physical and mental benefits, their body will voluntarily invite them to bed quickly.

Here's a preview of what Hawa-Hawa feels like:

The park is open from 10am - 10pm on weekdays, 10am til midnight on weekends. Entry costs AED 25 for a 15-minute session, and AED 40 for 30 minutes.

Photos are from Hawa-Hawa. For updates, follow them on Instagram.

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