Choc-Nut Spread, the next best goodness in a jar

Move over, cookie butter. Say hello to the very Filipino Choc-Nut spread. Yes. The teeny tiny chocolate-peanut powdery bar we've grown to love, is now a spreadable.

It is available in the Philippines and is distributed by Amarise Sweets, in which the proprietor is part of the family that owns Choc-Nut. They do all sorts of choc-nut goodness like cupcakes, mousse cakes, and more.

At the moment, Choc-Nut spread is still in its "limited edition" stage and can be ordered via their Facebook Page only.

It costs 70 pesos per bottle (less than 5 dirhams), or 2,000 for a box of 30.

Checking on #chocnut posts on Instagram and people are giving this a 5-star. This is legit!

Photo from Amarise Sweets Facebook Page.

So next time you're in the Philippines, consider Choc-Nut spread as a pasalubong when you go back here in Dubai. :-)

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