A tribute to Chris Tiu from Dubai

It's official. Chris Tiu retires today. This man may not be your typical basketball superstar, but one of only few athletes I look up to - not only because of his game, but how he does life and his ethics as well. Probably because I see some similarities. Ehem!

Chris is not the most athletic guy out there. He won't score buckets. He won't fill the stats sheet all the time. But on the hardwood he is a "playing coach." His teammates see him as an extension of the coaching staff. He shows an effective leadership by the way he rallies his team, set up plays, and does the intangibles of motivating his teammates to simply play their potentials. He is a mentor on and off the court.

Chris, despite of his innocent young looks, is a man of hustle. He will chase his man and will dive for the loose ball.

He is one of the most underrated physical players in the league. He won't back down nor get intimidated even by bigger opponents. I've seen all his games in Dubai from his time with Gilas 1.0 and he courageously attack and defend bigger players from various Middle East clubs.

Outside basketball, he is an businessman, a TV personality, an endorser, a public servant, and a family man - something that I really see alignment in what I do - people who know me can attest to this.

He's been running these businesses while actively playing in the PBA. He certainly knows how to live the life.

He had stints in TV hosting. In one of his latest TV segments, "Tiu-torized" he shows his passion in sharing his knowledge to those who aspire to learn the game.

He is an active community leader - a recipient of multiple youth leadership awards; and a great man of faith as well. He never miss to thank God for all his milestones.

What a way to hang up the jersey. Chris played his last game for Rain or Shine Elasto Painters scoring a career high 30 points - after successive games of breaking his career highs thrice.

God bless your journey Chris. Keep on inspiring!

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