Advice: Don't be motivated with social media reactions and likes

This 2018 we saw a quick rise on the number of bloggers and vloggers in the community. This is definitely a welcome development. I remember 10 years ago, we were only about 10 and we don’t have the same opportunities as much as what we have today.

I love the diverse content each vlogger has to offer – comedy, lifestyle, inspiration, education, food, travel, beauty, etc. It’s like having a more accessible multichannel cable TV at the palm of our hands. The variety is good.

As one of the “pioneers” in Dubai, I am often asked of advice for beginners. Here’s what I always say:

Fellow content creators, you are far greater than the number of likes you get. Do not associate your worth with the number of followers or views or likes you get.

Being influential should not actually be a measure of how many followers you have, but how much impact you create.

If your motivation to write or create videos is the number of social media reactions you’ll get, you have a problem.

Don’t worry about starting small. Don’t worry if no one likes your material in the beginning. We all have to start somewhere.

Take my case, I don’t mind if I only have 10 followers. If there is at least one person who finds relevance in what I do, I will keep doing it. One changed life is always better than none at all.

Recognize that we all have different paces. Not everyone’s success story follow the same timeline. If you succeed in a short span of time, good for you. Keep it up. And if you may, reach out to the new ones and mentor them on how to be successful. That’s community. And that’s how you become a thought leader in what you do.

If your success comes a little slower, don’t worry. Life is seasonal. One season you’re at the bottom, the next time, you’re a champion.

Keep growing, not in likes, but in virtues.

Lastly, maintain a good relationship with your fellow content creators. No one grows consistently on top in isolation.

Measure your success by the number of respect you receive – unfortunately this cannot be reflected in likes and analytics.

Appreciate. Stop the hate. God bless.

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