Jam with Dekada Nobenta Hitmakers

I am a proud 90s kid, a big fan of everything 90s - especially music.

Without any major personal influence, I was integrated to the kind of music we’ve had in the decade. This was the time when Filipino bands consistently create unforgettable music with uniquely distinguishable identity. Tunog Manila, tunog kalye, and rakenrol were very popular then.

Back then, jamming was a lifestyle - whether in school, office or even in jeepneys. Feel good songs fill the air.

Tapsilog na naman? Pagkatapos lumaklak? Cool ka lang! Habang may buhay, pagsubok lamang yan.

These are some of the tunes that defined the 90s.

I’m pretty sure many OFWs share the same sentiments. How would you feel about the chance to hear all these greats again live under one roof?

90’s UPLOAD is happening. December 28, 2018 at DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTER, SAEED HALL 1.

Lead vocalists Wency Cornejo of After Image, Glenn Jacinto of Teeth, Lei Bautista of Prettier Than Pink, Cooky Chua of Color It Red, and Naldy Padilla of Orient Pearl will take you back in time.

Let's take a quick glance on our music icons.

The promising, woman-in-black alternative pop/rock vocalist that gave us “Paglisan”

Many bands have come and became defunct, but not Cooky’s Color It Red which is still around after 26 years. Up to this date, the band still performs in gigs, mixes genres and produces albums. Its most outstanding one under Alphanumeric Records entitled Hand Painted Sky went platinum and placed the band in the OPM Map, largely due to Cooky’s sigh-singing style.

The 90’s alternative anthem song-maker of “Next In Line”

Undoubtedly he is known for creating immortal tender love songs that become movie soundtracks. He is the lead vocalist/songwriter of the defunct band Afterimage which ruled the music charts of the 1990s. “Habang May Buhay,” “Tag-ulan,”and “Mangarap Ka” are just a few of those songs strummed popularly in guitar sessions by most Filipinos up to this day. The bands album “Tag ulan Tag araw” was awarded a Gold Record and was named Album of the Year at the 1995 Awit Awards.

The rock and grunge vocals behind the drinking anthem “Laklak”

At a time when phenomenal rock bands dominate the still-profitable music boards, Glen Jacinto formed Teeth, a band that has become the item in the general drinking and barkada sessions in the local areas. The song “Laklak”was and still is a representation of the reality of youthful lavishness. Up until this day, Filipinos are very familiar with the song and probably head-bangs to its beat. It was chosen as Song of the Year at the 1995 NU 107 Rock Awards.

The girl-power lead singer and guitarist of an all-female pop-rock band that produced “Cool Ka Lang”

The frontwoman of the girl-band Prettier than Pink, who is known for her “cool”-themed songs. Her and the members of the band do not just sing as what is usually common for most sing-and-dance girl bands, but each one of them played instruments. Lei wrote and composed the single “Cool Ka Lang” and reached no. 1 in the OPM charts in 1995.

Tickets can be purchased at PLATINUMLIST.NET , and select PLATINUMLIST ticket outlets in 7-Eleven and UAE Exchange branches.

So, titos and titas of Dubai, bring your millennial pamangkins. This is gonna be classic.

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