Our experience at Gevora - the world's tallest hotel

What does it feel like to stay in the world's tallest hotel? You're just up there. Literally.

Veiled in golden facade and shimmering lobby, I was surprised to learn this is just a 4-star hotel. But after we experienced the rooms, I knew why.

Don't get wrong. It's not bad at all. Our room at 72nd level is very spacious. Like a typical hotel-apartment, it's complete with a big fridge, electric stove, microwave and a kitchen cupboard with utensils.

At few times they are slow, but service is good.

The pool and the view is amazing.

Since they are boasting of a prestige Guinness World Record, they could have done some things better - like the breakfast.

At the end of the day, your experience depends on your idea of having fun regardless of what or where you are anyway.

Anyway, here's the rest of our experience in my daughter's vlog:

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