Time to Kill The Filipino Time

The "Filipino time" is a waste of time. Are we really just gonna live with it forever?

Too bad this attitude has been running in the blood for ages - probably for the lack of unified solution.  A tolerated bad action becomes an embarrassing habit. Unfortunately, people spend more efforts finding excuses than finding solutions.

For somebody like me who plans everything in a properly-timed manner, every second is valuable. I always want to be productive in anything I do - whether at work or in personal matters. An activity that starts late will definitely impact my succeeding activities.

Once, I suggested that late comers in a group pay a hefty AED100 fine. It seemed to work. They arrived on time in the first 2 meetings; ONLY on those first 2 meetings.

"Filipino time" is an abuse.

It is rude to keep others waiting. It's not nice to make a person stretch his personal time to  accommodate your tardiness. If I have 5 appointments and you are the first and you are late, it's a shame to adjust the 4 other meetings because of you.

Too bad we've settled to inviting people way ahead so we could give allowance for the "expected" Filipino time. We easily take people for granted. It has gone that bad.

The Only Solution


Time is life. If we respect others, we value their lives.

Whether at meetings, work or personal events, a person who arrives late disrespects another's effort to be on time.


Your time consciousness reflects your efficiency. People who are consistently on time easily gains my trust.


If you respect people, you will not fill your calendar with unrealistic schedule that will impact other's time with you.


If you respect people, you will know the traffic situation ahead of travel and you'll plan accordingly.


If you respect people, you'll figure out solutions, not excuses. You'll be considerate.

Status Update Saves The Day

Being time conscious, I always strive to make it ahead of agreed time. Yes I do get late and its disappointing if other people cause it; frustrating if I cause it. But before it happens, people would know ahead of time.

If I get caught up on some unexpected circumstances, I take a conscious effort to update the concerned people right away. It is annoying to be left guessing.

I am not entitled to keep people waiting for me.

Renew Your Mindset

It's all in the mind. Kill the thought of 'Filipino time.' If no one will change his personal culture, the community culture will not be changed.


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