• Have a Comm-break and stay happy

    No one can deny that communication is one of the key aspects of a strong and happy relationships. These days, this aspect could suffer when we have too much load at work and we become stressful

    Here's what we can do:

    If our colleagues can afford a cigarette break every hour no matter how busy they are, why not also make a minute break to send an 'update' to your partner? You don't necessarily have to talk all the time. What's a minute every hour to chat?

    Most of us 'reserve' our stories for later - nothing wrong with that. But sometimes, if stress is too much, we lose the energy to make a good conversation at home. We tend to just relax and unwind, and end up accepting that it is "one of those days." Then it gets forgotten the next day.

    Sooner or later, the communication becomes dry.

    Imagine if you share quick updates as they happen - little achievements, challenges at work, successful meetings, food you had, etc - you bring in your spouse to your moments. The excitement or the emotion as they happen is fresh.

    Sometimes, when we share these stories at night, we do it in a "recap" or reporting fashion - the emotions are less.

    Use WhatsApp and other social media messengers to keep the intimacy alive.

    Connect every hour or two. Use your phone when you're apart, stay away from it when you're together. Try to do it slowly until you are consistent, it becomes a habit.

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