Having a "chat break" at work does more wonders to your relationships

A strong and happy relationship has an equally strong communication foundation - that's a fact. These days, communication gets impacted when we have too much load at work.

But I did something about it. Here's what you can do too:

If our colleagues can afford a cigarette break every hour no matter how busy they are - because it is in their system already, why not also take a one-minute break to send an 'update' to your wife or husband? What's one minute every hour for a quick chat?

Most of us 'reserve' our stories to share later in the day - nothing wrong with that. But sometimes, if stress is too much, we lose the energy to make a good conversation at home. We would prefer to just relax and unwind. Then it gets forgotten the next day.

Sooner or later, the communication runs dry.

Now imagine - if you share things as they happen - little achievements, challenges at work, successful meetings, the food you had, etc. - you bring in your spouse to your moments. The excitement or the emotion as they happen is fresh.

When we share our stories at night, we do it in a "recap" way - the emotions are less.

I encourage you to connect every hour or two. Make your smartphone work for you when you're apart. Try to do it slowly until it becomes a habit.

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