When I reach home late

Everytime I reach home late and the little one's already asleep, I kinda feel bad. My wife can tell. Missing a night of conversation with Aya is big. I know how she fought hard to combat that sleepyhead just to try to keep up and wait for me. Because every night she writes a card for me - "welcome home daddy," or simply "I love you Daddy." This is one of the reasons why I don't stay longer beyond the scheduled time on some events. I know her excitement. I'm as excited to hear her stories. She calls me 5 times a day and there's always a sweet, "see you soon daddy!" or "Daddy can you come home now?" or "Daddy can we do this or that when you reach home?"

Yes, we do talk every night - talk, read stories, play, pray, and sometimes deal with extreme tantrums too.

Nothing beats spending time with your daughter. You have no idea how much they treasure it. You'll be surprise at how they'll become when you give them ALL the time they need.

So.. what happens in the next morning is, I would receive a mouthful from her like, "Daddy, why were you so late last night I didn't see you at all?" Worse, she'd say, "Daddy, my heart is broken because I didn't see you last night - I need a hug."

For the record, I'm only late about 3 times a month. Last night was one of them. I reached home past 10 from an event. And saw this note on top of my table:

"Masaj every night Daddy."

She's so smart to have a Plan B in mind (in case I missed daddy). Now I'm waiting for the mouthful...

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