Wisdom-filled conversation with Don Moen: God will make a way

Growing up closely with various church ministries and youth choir allowed me to hear and experience a lot of praise and worship songs. One of the artists that has been very eminent in my playlist is Don Moen. Don is the world's top Christian worship singer, songwriter and producer. His songs speaks so much of praise, thanksgiving, hope and love - which have found a natural way into my life.

Never in my entire life did I ever imagine to be sitting beside a Don Moen - much more be talking to him. When I foung the glimmer, I dreamed. I hoped and I prayed. And when that moment came, I found myself beyond nervous and stiffed. I've lost my words and became a learner right then and there.

Thanks to David of DJMC for making this meeting possible. God indeed made a way for this to happen.

What was planned as a 10-minute on-cam interview became a 22-minute conversation (plus the off-cam talk). Thanks to Don's generosity in sharing his thoughts and elaborating his stories.

Here's what he had to say about his kind of music, the message of his songs and what makes Dubai special:

To God be the glory!

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