• Lessons from the careless drivers of Dubai

    Many times, we find ourselves baffled by careless drivers on the streets - E V E R Y D A Y. I used to fret a lot about them, because road attitude to me is a big deal. One big mistake can harm you, or kill you.

    But thanks to a brighter perspective. I started seeing and taking things lightly and positively. Here's what I mean:

    When somebody is flashing behind and over speeding, there might be a really critical emergency in the family.

    When somebody is not paying attention and not using indicators, he must be tired from a non-stop and stressful work.

    When somebody is on the phone and is less attentive on the road, he must be missing his family so much and that's the only chance they could talk.

    When somebody is driving so slow, his engine might have some issues.

    When somebody caused an accident, he maybe out of focus because of serious depression.

    When a pedestrian is crossing so slow on the street, he might have just lost his job.

    These drivers can really get into our nerves. I do not tolerate such behaviours, but times like these happen. Instead of judgment, I choose to give the benefit of the doubt and keep a positive approach towards the situation. I do not escalate it within myself.

    Don't let these scenarios change your mood and define your day. Give way. Move on quickly.

    Be kind at all times. Everyone has a battle of their own. Respect the fighter. We also go to our own battlefields at times.
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