The real story behind Money Talks UAE conference

You must have been hearing Money Talks UAE for quite some time now. This is a brainchild of Randell Tiongson - one of the most sought-after motivational speaker in finance and investment. He's been going in and out of the UAE for 15 times already, and don't you wonder why? This event is on its 4th season now. I bet many of you want to find out the real story behind this annual conference.

Let's get straight to the point. Here are 6 facts you ought to know about the event and the group behind it:

They don't bring good speakers

Yes, because the group only brings the best and most inspiring financial speakers who share the same vision to help transform the lives of Filipinos overseas. Not just the good, but the best resources who can connect with OFWs. They always bring new faces and new minds year after year that tap in the greater areas of finance and investment.

This time, Randell will be joined by stock market experts Marvin Germo and Tony Herbosa, personal finance queen and ANC's On The Money host Salve Duplito, and Real Estate investment guru Carl Dy.

They don't pay their staff

Yes and they are proudly committed. This advocacy-driven group is powered by volunteerism. The volunteers are products of the first and previous Money Talks conferences who felt a calling to become advocates and continuously promote financial literacy to the Filipino community, beyond the Money Talks conference.

They travel from one emirate to another, conduct house-to-house or coffee sessions to share what they themselves have learned from their coaches and mentors. Because of their untiring dedication, they're able to empower thousands of lives to this date, and counting.

They want you to stop working

They don't want you to be OFWs forever. The ultimate goal is to help OFWs define the path that leads to the way back home with a healthier financial status and fruitful investments.

The volunteers, who are also certified AFP and RFP (Associate & Registered Financial Planners), will eventually go back home as well. But a good succession planning is in place so somebody will continue what the pioneers have started.

They disrupt your comfort zone

The principles you’re gonna learn from the sessions are not as cozy as those get-rich-quick schemes. They don’t give you the “power.” They help you to be empowered by unleashing your potential.

They won't give you fish for a day, but will teach you how to fish so you could feed yourself for life.

Randell has a hidden agenda

The man is not only a financial advocate. He is also a very dedicated steward of biblical finance. Everything he preaches, from the practical life principles to the technical investments tactics, are motivated by what the bible says. He never fails to give us reminders full of wisdom to stay connected to our Creator.

That’s one of the reasons why many people call him “coach.”

They will insist that you invest right away

Yes. You’d definitely be encouraged to invest in yourself right away - time, finance and effort to continue educating yourself until you gain that elusive financial freedom.

So how do you feel after discovering the truth behind this event?

We are blessed to have access to these kind of learning from passionate and purpose-driven mentors, unlike the OFWs of previous generation.

Bottomline, if you do not want positive financial changes in your life, do not attend Money Talks Conference.

If you want to remain where you are today, do not register for the event.

If you don't want a DIY financial planning session or discover new wealth creation strategies, do not bother to check the events over this weekend.

If you want to remain an OFW forever, do not follow MTUAE on Facebook.

Nothing will change... unless you start somewhere. That's the real truth.

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