My preschooler wants to marry her parents

Aya witnessed a wedding for the very first time. She was a flower girl to the beautiful wedding of my high school friend Cheoby and her pretty wife Kristine. I was the best man.

She was very observant all throughout the ceremony and reception party. She looked intently at ever part of the event. She's full of smiles and charm, never got cranky.

Apparently, something's going on in her mind.

She tells us, "Mommy I want to marry you," "Daddy I want to marry you." And she repeatedly says this same thing again and again for the next few days, along with the gesture of walking, dancing and facing the altar.

I feel great that my daughter, by means of her own little understanding about the word, wants to marry me and her mommy. From a dad's perspective, her very young mind simply tells me that she don't want life to change - that she wants her mom and dad to stay in her life forever. :-)

I've read in so many parenting blogs in the past that this question will eventually pop up during their preschool years. It's very amusing. But of course we explained to her what marriage is and how it happens.

It's good to cherish moments like this. We'll never know when this perspective would change, right?

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