CHAT with the wife

We were out and about this weekend and wherever we go, on the road, in the room, at the park or in the pool, we chat. We chat untiringly. We chat day and night. This reminds me of our #relationshipgoal around C.H.A.T.

Being consistent. Never change the attitude towards each other. Continue doing the things that are “nakakakilig” like during our first days together. Be consistent… BUT ADD TWISTS.

For me, humor is the highest form of maintenance in a relationship. If you always find humor in everything you do, anything feels lighter. We always feel young at heart. It's easy to laugh at the same things. TAWA TALAGA! We're always clowning at each other, we play pranks. I’m happy I married somebody with a natural sense of humor. Humor is healthy. The absence of it is fatal.

Appreciation is our universal language. We appreciate every big or little things the other does. A little bit of appreciation is enough to meed the effort of the other. Appreciation encourages consistency.

We are committed to being truthful. Transparent. Nothing hidden. Past forgiven. THE TRUTH reigns in the relationship. And who is the truth - Christ. Having Jesus in the centre of this relationship enables us to handle every problem or argument with wiser approach. Seeing things in a real Godly perspective brings a lot of positives, albeit a very challenging one.

Here you go... I hope we influence you to keep on C.H.A.T.-ting. Keep the conversation flowing.

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