5 things you need to prepare for the Hillsong United concert in Dubai

Listening to their music is a spiritual relief. It can lift our spirits up, inspire us and/or makes us cry. How much more hearing them live? Their words can comfort and pinch us. True enough, the Lord's message manifests through their music.

Everyone's excited for the most awaited Christian concert in the Middle East happening this weekend.

Hillsong United definitely has a lot in store for us. If it's Hillsong, I'm pretty sure there's a fine line between a concert and a worship, so better for us to turn up prepared - physically and spiritually.

It's a trademark of this group to transforms every arena into a "room" bringing everyone more intimately into worship.

Are you ready? We are. Here are 5 things we could do to prepare ourselves in what could be the "best jam of our lives."

1. The lyrics
We sure know a lot of Hillsong United classics by heart, but it's a good thing to fill your playlist from now until the concert to brush up some more. Still, Mighty To Save, Oceans, I Surrender are among my favorites.

Look at the energy. How beautiful it is when everyone's singing:

They're also expected to perform songs from their latest album so it would be great to familiarize ourselves with the new ones as well. You may check their website to do so.

2. Your arms (and legs)
What is a concert without jamming? And if it is for the Lord, you'd obviously give it all out, won't you? Prepare your legs for long standing, and your arms to praise and worship Him all night. Might as well prepare to not hold the cellphones too long and just lift our hands to the Lord enthusiastically.

3. Prayers
When I listen to Hillsong, I pray. In this big gathering, we can say along our prayers in our hearts as we praise and worship Him. The band also leads the audience in prayers in-between songs. It would be very heartwarming to be pray along thousands of other believers in one night.

4. Expressions of faith
You may want to bring in banners, tarps, iPad messages to express your love, praise and worship to God, or to Hillsong. As for us, we will wear the word.

5. Tissue
Need I say more? It is not only us 10,000+ spectators who will be in the stadium. The manifestation of the Holy Spirit is expectedly strong. As we know, whenever we feel His presence, we become emotional - emotionally happy, joyful, inspired, loved. So don't forget the tissues, ayt!

No matter where we stand (or sit) in the stadium, Platinum or Bronze, one thing's for sure, we all are standing close to the main star of the show... God. Prepare to feel!

We'll always be grateful there's Hillsong United who leads us on stage to a greater worship experience.

See you at the stadium!

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  1. Live public worship is always a divine experience. I'm a huge fan of Hillsong and I'd listen to their songs almost everyday. Undoubtedly, their music gives life to the mortal body and strengthens the spirit.