Conversations with Randell Tiongson and other financial advocates for Money Talks 2017

I had a rare opportunity to talk to not one, not two, but all four financial gurus featured in this year's Money Talks UAE. Special thanks to coach Randell for arranging this.

Here they are generously sharing significant parts of their thoughts ahead of Money Talks.

From being top executive of HP Philippines, Dodong Cacanando went to Bukidnon to become a farmer. Here he is giving a preview of his business principles. Warning ahead, this man is very inspiring. The Bible is his business operations manual.

Financial mentor, advocate, motivational author and speaker, and Dubai's favorite coach, Randell Tiongson opened Money Talks 2017 talking about how he wants OFWs to prepare to return home. The Philippines wants us to come home at our prime.

"We can never control the weather, but we can control the ship." Rex Mendoza is a one cool guy, also one of Dubai's favorite. He talked about Proven Investment Strategies in Money Talks 2017, and also covered Tactical Investing Strategies in an exclusive session the next day. Here he is sharing that investing should not be dependent on who the president is. It's about our behaviour.

Mr. Jovy Tuano, one of 100 most influential Filipinos in the Gulf, is an entrepreneur and industrialist in the UAE. He talked about The Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Money Talks 2017. Here he is giving a glimpse of his stories on how he began as employee in Abu Dhabi and jumped into business 7 years later.

These small chats alone are equivalent to an enriching seminar already. Thank you very much for not just sharing your brains, but your hearts more importantly. Thank you for the the inspiration.

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