A rough flight, a smooth message

We had a very rough flight yesterday, Dubai to Amman, Jordan. From the runway 'til we’re airborne more than half hour we’re trembling really bad. Strong turbulence is an understatement.

The deep air pockets turn our stomach upside down. It felt tremors up there. We all held hands and in silence with only little shrieks I know everybody on board, Muslims and Christians, are praying.

No words from the cockpit.

In the middle of the shaky flight, one of the first announcements made was "WIFI IS NOW AVAILABLE TO USE." Are they giving us a hint to get online and say bye to our families? I honestly felt so too, that I bought a 12USD wifi to chat my parents who’s taking care of our daughter.

We said we love them… and, we asked them to contact our insurance agent in the event that the plane crashes.

A little over 30 mintues (that long!), the turbulence subsided. We calmed down.

What did just happened? God is good? Yes definitely. If the plane crashed, God is still good. Answered prayers? Yes.

But let me share how I prayed… My prayer is not to save us from danger. I told Him, if it is Your will that my life will end this way and today, I hope I lived my life how He wanted me to. I hope I met His expectations on what He planned for my life. . I prayed all people in the flight are preparing themselves more than worrying, should we all won’t make it.

Of course I prayed too that my daughter continues to live happily with her grandparents, without us, and my parents will live well too.

Everyone thanked God for the answered prayers. For me, He didn’t just answer the prayers. He reminds us to prepare ourselves because we don’t know when He is coming (or until when is our last breathe) - [Matthew 24:44]. It’s also a reminder that we still have a purpose to live. We still have days ahead to act the purpose to bring glory to Him.

Prayer works, but I’d rather say GOD WORKS. The scripture says, “And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who are called according to His purpose.” [Romans 8:28]

It was horrifying but everything else that went not so good yesterday just feels nothing to be frustrated about. Late lunch, thank you we survived. Delayed itineraries, thank you we are on tour. Rowdy kids spit on us, thank you we experience Jordan. Tired body, thank you we’re en route to Holy Land today. THANK YOU, we have another day to live the purpose.

Thanks to the flight crew of flydubai for courageously making it.

The Holy Land pilgrimage has just began.


Photo above from Google search, for illustration purpose only.

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