What it's like to have a premium weekend

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When people learn I wake up at 5am (or even earlier) every weekend, they're like, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!"

We only have 4 weekends every month - (For most of us who work five days a week) that's 8 out of 30 days; 96 out of 365 days in a year - just a measly 26% of one year. *

This is why I put premium on weekends.

I make sure to get ample time for myself, my personal commitments, and most especially quality time with the family. Every weekend, there's a day for rest, and another for fun activity outdoors - balance.

Go out. Discover new places. If you can drive miles to work, it should rather be exciting to drive farther with the love ones on board. Or just walk. Spend time with people you love - even if it's just watching the sunset.

Rest for a day. Unwind from a week of work stress and aim to restore your zest and energy. It helps rebuild our body and mind. Rest don't mean sleep. Rest is when you're relaxed in the comfort of your home with your favorite music in the background, having special home-prepared food, or simply spending more time reading books. Play board games with the family. The only physical activity could probably be your pressure-packed hide and seek game with your little ones.

Sometimes, the most spiritual thing you can do is rest.

Don't get up late on weekends. If you can get up early on weekdays to go to work, why not do the same on weekends for your personal time or family? Think of activities you'll enjoy and motivate you to start your days early.

Sleeping longer and waking up late makes you feel more tired, admit it. And you'll just realize the day has already gone halfway, and most likely it just finishes off without you doing something valuable.

As much as possible, give them all the time in the world, on weekends.
When you value your time off, you give value to yourself. 

Having fun on weekends doesn't have to be costly. Malls are not really weekend-friendly. Go to the beach or park. Bring the kids to the playgrounds.  Allow them to roll on the greens and the run barefoot on the sand.

Weekends also give us time to learn and acquire new skills. Take the opportunity so long as it doesn't compromise your time for the family and your rest.

If you're a workaholic, think again. You usually sacrifice rest because you're on the race towards success, productivity or power.

For those who fill their calendars with commitments on weekends, you might want to filter where you go to. You don't need to do much. Choose well. Less is more.

Every weekend is a thanksgiving. These few days are meant to be celebrated (Happy weekend!), that's why people always ask, "How's your weekend?" Next time your officemates ask how you spent yours, sure you'd want to answer the question with anything other than you slept all day.

Next time you feel tired on a weekend, just do the math again.


* If you are entitled to 22 days annual leave that gives you 118 days off every year. Sick leaves don't count hey!

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