The new BBF restaurant for BFFs - Bridge Beyond Food

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When we started on health-ier diet, we thought we had to lessen eating out, not because there are just few healthy restaurants out there, but because we'd rather prepare our own food - especially the wife has become more passionate in the kitchen. In addition to the fact that most healthy restaurants are not so affordable.

Then we discovered BBF, a cushy multi-cuisine restaurant in Ansar Gallery in Karama - first of its kind in Dubai. BBF, which stands for Bridge Beyond Food (also Big Boodle Food), offers value not just for money, but for time, experience and relationships as well. In fact, you get more than what you pay for.

The restaurant prides itself being MSG-free. As a multi-cuisine outlet, BBF offers favorites from around the world - Philippines, Italy and The Americas, among others.  The menu offers a great mix of palatable cuisines, and fusion of global delicacies.

Complimentary canapes welcome every guest.

On our latest visit, we had Tomato soup, BBF Grilled Chicken, Garlic Prawns, and Pen and Cheese for the little one.

The tomato soup is one of the best I've ever had in Dubai. Smooth texture, not chunky but loaded.

Grilled chicken is their version of Bacolod's inasal. As the photo shows, the chicken comes in steak-cut serving, with rice and grilled eggplant on the side. It is baked first before grilling, could be the reason why the meat is so flavorful. It comes with a variety of sawsawan (dips).

Garlic prawns is their version of halabos based in garlic butter, served with eggplant salad.

We also tried the egg and vegetable roll. It's a wrap with omelette, capsicum, romaine lettuce and BBF's signature healthy dressing. This is also heavy.

"I have a pen, I have a cheese." UH! Penne and Cheese was born.  Instead of macaroni, they use penne pasta. Aya loves its creaminess and rich taste.

We tried their signature chocolate beverage - hot for daddy, iced for baby - yes, it is served hot or cold.

The small cup of thick hot chocolate takes 15 minutes to make. The pure cocoa is so good it's like having a drink and dessert in one - think about melted hot chocolate cake in a cup.

She enjoys her chocolate cooler as well.

We capped the lunch with assorted panna cotta.

How does oats-caldo, champs-oat, tap-SU-log appeal to you? Oats-caldo, literally is an oat-arrozcaldo that uses oats instead of rice. Champs-oat, is an oatmeal champorado - named after the Filipino-Canadian owner, Coach Clarissa Calingasan who is a champion runner and weightlifter. Tapsulog is beef tapa, SUN rice, and itlog (egg), hence 'SU'.

Filipino-Canadian life coach Clarissa Calingasan, is a champion in marathon, weight-lifting and in life principles.
BBF is an almost fine dining restaurant, with a food court price, and a 5-star experience.  The servers don't just serve, they treat you well like how Filipinos are known for welcoming guests at home.

They do open mic every Tuesday and the talented and motivated staff lead the acoustics.

The very friendly and positive atmosphere invites guests not only to dine in, but also to engage in good conversations. You can even leave your phone in some designated boxes on the table.

I'm pretty sure BFFs will eat guilt-free at BBF - Best Buddies and Friend. This is one restaurant with advocacy.

Follow BBF on Facebook and Instagram for updates on offers, and new items on the menu.

Here is their location

Other photos:

With life coach Clarissa Calingasan and her equally talented daughter Jaena

The ambiance is field with positivity - with messages of love, hope and peace.
Guests can pin messages of encouragement and faith on the vines hanging on the walls.
They also have stuffs to keep the kids busy
BBF canapes come in variety of decorations
The American Boodle Fight set. They also have Filipino and Italian sets.
Another variety of their canapes

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