Dad says: Keep malice away from children

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Fellow parents, (ehem, moms! uhmm some of you...) can we relax a bit in instilling malicious thoughts into our kids innocent minds?

When a boy shares a candy or anything to a girl, we say, "Uy pumoporma na a..." Or, when a girl says a boy's name too often, "Uy crush mo siya?"

C'mon! Whenever they hold hands, hug or show affection, they are just showing friendly gestures towards.

So what if they share food? So what if they smile at each other? So what if they're seatmates? So what?

Instead of 'taunting' their actions with a different tune, encourage them to build great and genuine friendships. Help them nourish their relationships with other kids.

Our children need to hear affirmation from us that they're doing the right things in their young friendships. Be conscious and extra cautious to never ever interpret their actions in filthy ways.

There shouldn't be malice in wonderland. Never at a toddler's mind would intimate love come into picture, unless we talk about it.

Let's not influence them with maligned thinking - even if we're just teasing. Sometimes I think the parents need to understand more about sex and romance more than the young ones.

Quoting Edric Mendoza, "DO NOT AWAKEN ROMANCE EARLY."

Tell them about Romans, not romance.


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