Why I share inspiring messages on Facebook

There is at least one person among our friends who needs encouragement. This is one of my biggest motivation to keep sharing stories of inspiration, quotes by successful people and biblical messages everyday.  I aim to connect not really to the hopeless, but to those who have immature source of hope.

Simple thoughts about love, hope and faith could uplift a person. Someone once called me her "daily friend" for doing so.

An old colleague revealed how he was saved from further depression by just stumbling on one random inspiring post on Facebook. Another one has opened the door for more guidance after relating to a message he found on his feeds. The gesture has started a lot of private chat and phone conversations with people who want to know more relevant messages that could enlighten them more.

It's a great way to reach out in the digital world.

We have different motives when posting online. We could be driven by joy or pain. At times people judge us thinking we're going through something when they notice a pattern on our Facebook posts. "Baka may pinagdadaanan," they'd say.  Some would criticize us of trying to make impressions.

There's even a study that claims 'People who posts inspirational quotes on Facebook have lower levels of intelligence.'

If you have genuine intention, never be stopped by what they say.  Your posts are not for them.

We are all influential.

The world today has made us busier than ever.  So busy that we find no time for solitude and reflections anymore. No thanks to technology and social media that consumes even our supposedly 'spare time' to re-energize ourselves to keep going.

So I thought of a way to reach people where they spend more of that 'spare time.' I ensure that there is relevance to what I share - even to just one soul. I don't intend for the whole world to bother. I'd be happy albeit only ONE person finds my posts interesting. It is a great joy to know that there is this person who finds relief in what I post and how it has brought positive impact to his mindset.

Don't think that no one cares about your posts. Think about what positive change could happen when you share what's on your mind.

Sometimes, only one random person is what it takes to change your perspective. We could influence someone who then could influence the world.

The purpose of doing it is to remind people about apparently some lost perspectives from a wisdom point of view.

The bible says, "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:16)

Not everyone can be popular but all of us can be naturally influential if we realize the significance of what we say or do. I believe social media was meant to happen so we all could see the visibility and feel the value of our influence. Your amount of influence depends on what lives inside you. Use your Facebook walls to change lives. The greatest thing you can do in the simplest way is to share words of encouragement.

I still share other stuffs moderately because I'm an advocate of 'balance.'

But go easy on these mannequin challenges and other trends. Stop typing 'Amen' or hitting 'Like' to please God or to save lives. It just doesn't work. Challenge yourself to use your natural influence. You can inspire in your own way.

Never underestimate the difference you can make for others.

But, strategize.

Every time you share, please keep the following pointers checked to be more efficient:

  1. Do not flood your news feeds with barrage of posts. I know how exciting it could get but it may not work its purpose when you storm your friends with posts. It is an irritation. Schedule your posts. Make them excited as they await your next words of wisdom.
  2. When sharing bible verses, expound them because not everyone are versed in understanding profound scriptures. Make the message easier to understand in a quick glance.
  3. Refrain from posting selfies with inspiring captions (unless your face says a lot about overcoming struggles or you are a picture of success).  It defeats the purpose. It's not about you. Shift your focus from self-centered thinking into others-centered thinking.
  4. Do not intimidate people. Don't sound like you know it all. It's better if you can start a conversation.
  5. Be humble. Do not try to correct people. It is best to humble yourself by a testimony on how you're able to rise from where you were before.
  6. Instead of posting your personal prayers, post messages of encouragement. Talking to God is done intimately, not on public walls. Talk to people instead.
  7. Don't fall into the 'people-pleaser' trap.  Our longing for belonging, or the desire to fit in is normal. But understand that you don't need anybody's approval.
What matters most is you CONNECT. That's the key.

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing."
1 Thessalonians 5:11

Social media is a great avenue to pay it forward. Whenever we come across something meaningful and socially relevant, please share it. You'll never know, it can make someone's day, or even change someone's life.

The learning and the wisdom should not end in ourselves. One of our purpose in life is to build each other up. If you're not yet doing it, start today. What's stopping you? If I can, so can you.

Recognize your influence and MAKE A DIFFERENCE, shall we?

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