• Should we remove the W in OFW?

    Lately I've been seeing posts on Facebook from some Filipinos who are lobbying (wanting) to omit W from OFW.


    For them, NOT all Filipinos abroad are "workers" and the tag doesn't fit well for "professionals." They added that the term is "degrading."

    Google defines worker simply as a person who works.
    According to Merriam-Webster, a 'professional' is a person who characterize technical or ethical standards of a profession exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace.

    Therefore, a construction worker or a cleaner can be as professional as a manager or an architect.

    Sadly, these days people have become more title-conscious. We are after what people think or say about us.

    In UAE and many countries, everyone from overseas are called expats. British, Canadian, Indian or Filipinos - we all are expats.  Only our compatriots call us OFWs. So why bother?

    As long as our contract says we are employees, we are workers - blue-collar or white-collar.  Only businessmen and investors (and the housewives) are technically not OFWs.

    Your dignity is not defined by profession or title or popularity. Your dignity is built by your character, attitude and wisdom.

    If you have an issue being called an OFW, then something's wrong with you, not with the acronym or lingo.

    "OFW" is already a legacy. We are all global Filipinos. Wag tayong elitista!

    What you feel is what you are.

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