26 photos from our trip to Dinosaur Park inside Dubai Garden Glow

Imagine a mini Jurassic Park with the Dubai skyline as the backdrop. Well yeah! Dinosaur Park, the biggest of its kind in the region is the main addition to the second season opening of Dubai Garden Glow in Zabeel Park.

Weather is good on Monday so we visited in its second night, and it was a good experience, especially for the little one. There are about 100 life-sized animatronic dinos big and small spread in area B of the park.

The park is divided into 3 eras of dinosaurs, showing various stages of pre-historic animals and their extinction.

Every dino has a tablet in it containing basic info about it.

They all roar every time people come near them so there's a fancy-creepy roaring sound in the atmosphere all night.

Half hour is enough to see all the dinos, but it depends on how long you spend on taking photos. We went on a non-peak day of the week so we had a luxury to snap shots without other people in them.

They move their hands and tails and open their mouths wide. 



In front of a T-rex

There's the Apatosaurus





There are activities for kids like feeding and riding dinos. 

There's an area where replicas of their skeletons are showcased.


There is this dino lab where birth of the dinos from eggs is on display.

It's ideal to reach the park ahead of the sunset especially if you want to take better photos of the dinos.

Park is open every day 4pm to 11pm. Entrance fee is AED 60 and it gives you access to both the Garden Glow and Dinosaur Park. Kids below 3 years old enter free.

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It's a bit costly. You may ask if it's worthy, well yes for me. It all depends on who you are with and what's the meaning of fun for you.  For us, we encourage the little one to discover more and be amazed at these historical beasts. It's a short infotainment tour.

And... I'm on leave this week. I don't want to bring the family to malls to have fun.  So I guess this is a valid "local leave" destination. 

There are Tim Horton's and Coldstone kiosks in the park. There are also the smaller stores that sell corn, sandwiches, beverages and other light snacks.

For more info, you may visit the official Dubai Garden Glow website here.

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  1. Nice pictures, Ion. However, I feel like the park isn't worth the AED60 entrance fee. Perhaps it's a good place to take kids to - if they're interested in dinosaurs.

    1. Agree Nadia. Yes it's a bit costly, but we love and it and enjoyed our time together. I'd rather go to these kind of outdoor places than the more pricey indoor entertainment parks at the malls (hint: Citywalk's) :-)