Appreciating the wireframes of life

I had a chat with a friend about the work I do. She wanted to understand what UX is. We talked about WIREFRAMES.

She didn’t quickly understood the value of it because it’s not fancy, no colors and it looks like a skeleton on a scratch pad daw.

I told her, in life, if you don’t value the inner foundation, the character and attitude... the outside beauty is useless.

This is what a website wireframe looks like
In what I do, I should properly create an effective information structure, define efficient functionalities and set the right behaviour and transitions, for me to come up with a usable website or app. These things are not seen by the users, but they feel it when they use the websites.

Design makes it look beautiful outside.

It is true love that lets you appreciate the value of "wireframes in real life." It sees the beauty within. It makes you appreciate its worth even if you haven’t seen the “design."

If the wireframe isn’t done well, the good-looking design will be less useful; And beauty without value easily fades out.

Look and appreciate life’s wireframes, not the 'make-ups.' Because design without UX could be deceiving.

I so love my job!

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