Why we quit CFC

One of the reasons why we joined CFC is the sense of community - to belong. My wife was pregnant then and we thought it would be great for our child to grow in an environment of kind-hearted, Godly people.

It was a momentous event to complete the CLP.  True happiness.

We're active at weekly household meetings. We were at assemblies and national events. But we 'can not' participate in Marriage Enrichment Retreats because we're not married in church. We cannot be assigned to any leadership responsibilities, because we're not married in church. We cannot attend other gatherings because we are not married in church. It's sad that they inflict these limitations even though we wholeheartedly want to participate. But we understand the policy because CFC is within the Catholic jurisdiction anyway.

It was generally fun and rewarding. We learned new things. We rediscovered our spiritual life. The relationship with God was so alive. We felt belongingness.

We gained friends. We developed a support group. We enjoyed hanging out. The sharing sessions were enlightening, at times, empowering.

What went wrong?

We were transferred into a new group and we felt the weekly household meetings became a burden.  It was repetitive and we didn't feel growth anymore.

We ALWAYS start late. HOURS LATE. For a 'busy' person like me, time is very important. Time is my currency.

There's an evident lack of respect to time.  Unfortunately, it's a norm in CFC.

We also felt bad that our 2-year old daughter had to stay up late because of household meetings.
Prayers became verbal recital. Shallow. We read prayer books but we don't meditate. We pray the rosary while someone snores in the middle of the prayer. We gather around the cross but the solemnity is distracted by our playful and rowdy kids. How can we pray sincerely if there's a lot of screaming and toys flying around? No intimacy. No depth. Just ineffective patterns.

Phony members, pretentious characters, politics, fake conversations, shallow prayers... Some people wear masks to project their lives are blossoming. Leaders creating conflict with members, instead of protecting them.

Members talk about people. Gossips here and there. Whatever shared in one household goes to another - especially because the shuffling of members happens a lot.

I criticize some speaker's inability to connect to the audience during assemblies. I feel so bad that key topics such as Financial Stewardship, cannot be delivered in an understandable fashion. Mairaos lang.

I also feel the lack of more practical topics to discuss in the group. Why were there no financial literacy, entrepreneurship, parenting, business, family planning and other necessary pointers for couples? I can't help but compare the group with other Christian groups that are so rich in such activities.

Some activities were also unclear to me.  Why do they need to print different t-shirts for every occasion? My CFC shirts have outnumbered my basketball jerseys in 2 years.  The cost of the shirts could do significant changes in other people's lives.

I could go on and on.

These negative thoughts filled my heart. My wife and I agreed to leave the group. We can continue serving the Lord even if we're not part of any community, as long as we remain obedient to Him and refrain from harming people. That's what we thought.

I was not looking for perfection. I'm looking for the lead to righteousness. 

We went on hiatus.

No more weekly household meetings; No weekend church activities. We have a good life. I can do all the things that 'make me happy.' Blessings come one after another. We remain prayerful.


I was not looking at my shortcomings, my imperfections, myself, my wife. I lacked efforts in discovering the real meaning of community.  I lacked the initiative to learn beyond what I receive.

I cared more about what I could have done (or earned) in lieu of the time spent in CFC.

I was reading the book, 'What on Earth Am I Here For? Purpose Driven Life Expanded Edition' by Rick Warren. Midway through it talks about fellowship.

"We are created for community, fashioned for fellowship, and formed for a family, and none of us can fulfill God's purposes by ourselves."

Yes, we can have a personal relationship with God (as I believed so), but it should never be private.  Following Christ includes belonging, not just believing.

While we continue doing good in life, I experienced spiritual dryness along the road.

I was wrong about what I thought of CFC. We left because I was only looking at the negatives. I closed my eyes on the rewards. I was not thinking about what I can give to the community, to the Lord.  I failed to focus on the gifts God has given me to initiate something that could address the issues in the group. I was self-centered.

I LIMITED GOD.  I could be pursuing greater activities, experiencing blessings and worldly joys, yet I settle for mediocrity in my spiritual life (Unlimiting God). One of the main reflections I had these days is how to unlimit myself in realizing that God is with me all along. He allowed me to increase my capacity to understand Him and His will in a better perspective.

Leaving was an immature decision.

My issues are only about a few people. There will always be crooks in any fellowship, anywhere. There will always be one or two difficult people in any group - sometimes they even lead.

The Learning

Learning from several books and podcasts these days reminds me of courtesy. We need to respect our differences, be considerate and learn to be patient with people who irritate us.

This article is a response to a calling. It's telling me that I have a role to do in His family. I don't have to find a perfect group or a perfect church because it simply doesn't exist. We are all called to love imperfect sinners, just as God does.

The people I criticize could just be having difficult times in their lives, and I did not consider that.  So wrong. God accepts everyone. Who am I not to?

Every single Proverbs verse speaks to me. I need to rebuild myself with wisdom.

"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established." Proverbs 24:3

I feel that leaving CFC has a purpose. Ecclesiastes in the Bible says, "There's a time for everything and a season for every activity..."

And indeed there is a right way to do everything.

All these reflections humbled me. Today I desire for more heartfelt and in-depth sharing, for authenticity. I want to experience mutual responsibilities through faith. I want to give and experience affirmations. I want to commit to these things TOGETHER with other members of any small group or community. I want the frequency of a fellowship that not only listens but also encourages one another.

"Live in harmony with each other. Don't try to act important, but enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don't think you know it all" - Romans 12:16

Very grateful to our friends who never get tired encouraging us to go back.  Eventually, in our journey, we will always need someone to walk through the path. The longing of belonging is inevitable.

The Transformation

I grew up active in the church. I started serving when I was 8 years old. I was an altar boy, a lector, commentator, collector, a choir (yeah?!), always active in community outreach programs. I was a devoted volunteer. I thought I was equipped enough of strong faith.

...and that CFC experience happened.

Transformation happens to anyone of us who truly connects to God, regardless if we are part of any group, or what church we attend to.

Are we joining another Christian group? No.

Are we going back to CFC? I can only trust God's plan. We're happily walking on this path towards learning and discovering our purpose, in a very special journey with friends, who generously share their time and effort to ensure we keep our spiritual relationship healthy.

The strong presence of the Holy Spirit is constantly strengthening our faith, kahit na we're 'not married in church'.

Today I stand in front of Him with a renewed passion to pursue this spiritual development. I surrendered whatever resentment I had with the group. How I've grown my spiritual capacity is what I love to teach others who could be in the same frame of thinking like my old self.

If you're ever in the same story, please DO NOT QUIT. Let's not look at our church leaders, let's look to God.


Former members of CFC Sharjah | 2012 - 2014.

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  1. Hi! I saw this on twitter. I am the CFC twitter admin. Thank you for your honesty. Yes, there are people who will disappoint you. No one is exempt. Human beings are limited in their love. But God isn't, He is infinite. I am praying you will give the community a chance. Our relationship with the community is like a relationship between 2 people, full of excitement, but can also be troublesome. But the Lord never disappoints. And loving people, especially the dificult ones, will be our ticket to heaven (that's my personal belief ��). If CFC were a perfect community, our joining would make it imperfect because we are imperfect ourselves. Praying for you and with you! God bless! @a_m_alvarez

  2. I was a member of the other half of CFC, the FFL. I almost spent my whole single life serving in the community. Why? Because I thought that it was the best way to serve God ang through this, I might help myself to be the person that I am looking for a man. When I got married, I experienced the most devastating from my household servant and other missionaries that I've loved and admired. I am still dealing with the hurt and bitterness that consumed me until now. Like you, I am looking at its peoples' imperfections. I think, I am just trying to protect my future family to be like them, spending most of their hours outside and leaving their homes behind. But the good part is I still have my ex-lower household members as my good friends even I am not in the community anymore. I am now hearing a call that I should come back to protect the new generation of singles from that same servant-leader who have hurted me. There's a lot in my mind that I need to analyze. I have loved serving so much and it hurted me the same way. Why do we need to recruite new souls to join the community? Is it to make them whole or to break them? Make them experience redemptive suffering? To serve God by being always away from our families or being outside with your children instead of taking a good rest after a week of tiring work and schooling? To create a mask to show the world that our family is a prayerful family then soon be exposed that its head has a mistress? To show that we are family in the community and intentionally hurt each other because of jealousy?

  3. Hello, Tito! This is very inspiring! It is worth reading even for SFC's like us. The same imperfections. The same struggles. But we continue to be servants, imperfect as we are. May God bless us all!

  4. One should not forget that our first ministry is our family. We often get too busy with church activities but we are neglecting the main needs of the family (Wife/husband and children). Discipling our family should comes first.

  5. Hi. I am not asking you to join.
    Just inviting you to go one time to Al Reef Tower Bldg
    Al Nahda every Friday is the Worship from morning.
    You can go there also everyday just look for Pastor Elle and Bishop Aldrin.
    God bless you.

  6. I understand you. I will pray for you. If you may, I would like to encourage you to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony, not because it is a requirement as Catholic, but because it is a gift given to us by Christ Himself. All Sacraments are gifts given to us by Christ Himself. The best thing about receiving this Sacrament is the preparation part in receiving the Sacrament..CFC has a special teaching in marriage preparation and it is beautiful. The Sacraments are beautiful. I pray that you muster the courage to receive it kasi malaking blessing eto sa pag sasama nyong mag asawa.
    The rest of what you have written , is normal. Every group has that because we are group of imperfect people, but we are serving a perfect God. We try our best to Love More our fellow brothers and sisters in the community despite the imperfections. God bless you and you family.

  7. I completely agree with you bro. I have been there. I also agree with other bros and sis that we are all imperfect people, but one blind man should not lead other blind man. You will end up in a pit. Imperfection does not allow you to Live behind the musk. It will give you timely satisfaction and that's what is happening during fellowship and households.
    Your learning and transformation message is what I'm enjoying now in the "Neo Catechumenal Way" where you get the in-depth knowledge of the word of god and every week Eucharist. The community members don't wear a musk. The priest from their own seminaries called "Redemptoris Mater" is involved in everything unlike CFC. You really get the feeling of community and grow spiritually. The way these priest explain the "word" completely different than what you hear in day to day mass in the church. They help you to understand and use the WORD in your day to day life.
    These communities are present in Dubai at St. Mary's Church. You may inquire if you like to experience.
    I always says CFC is my primary school and "Neo Catechumenal Way" is the University.

    1. Stop comparing dude! It's not about but the group you joined but it's about your relationship to God and to others.

  8. This is a very interesting story,there is no perfect community, that's why when serving the Lord we must not look back to the weaknesses of our brothers & sisters who is around us. They are just human and there is no perfection in human kind, we are all imperfect only God is perfect. So when serving look straight to our and devote your service to him so that you gain growth in your faith.

  9. Amen. Praise the Lord for the sharer’s boldness and humility. A testimony that serves as an eye opener to both believers and leaders.. The cost of following Jesus Christ – denying ourselves. Jesus Christ said “Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for My sake will find it.”, Matthew10. When we started to “TRULY” follow Jesus, it’s no longer us anymore. As long that we still have a lot of reservations, and have not fully surrendered All these to Jesus Christ, then it will be difficult for the Holy Spirit to move and use us mightily in His Kingdom. Loving/Serving the Lord is NOT about our Own ways, feelings, thoughts, emotions, ideas, group’s belief, tradition but God’s. That’s why He left us with His Words in the Bible. ONLY THE WORD OF GOD has the power to clean, change/ transform, heal, mold, teach us and perfect us from glory to glory.. “The law of the Lord is perfect – Psalm 19:7”, No compromise – please God not men.. Let’s start knowing, understand & Living the Word of God NOW while there is still time/ available and we still have the chance to. “Behold, days are coming.. that people will wander from sea to sea and wander from north to east, searching for the word of the Lord, but they will not find it”, Hosea 8.
    Continue with the Lord as exemplified by Jesus’ followers..” They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer”, Acts2. Let’s build each other up as 1 body! I may help, too, anytime :) mj.villanueva@yahoo.com

  10. Same here...we left...but now on the process of getting there again gradually. Lahat naman ng naturan mo ay totoong nangyayari...kahit saan naman marahil. And we pray na mapagtagumpayan natin ang mga ganyang suliranin. Email ka lang Bro... waynevflores@gmail.com. God bless!

  11. Yes, "take up your cross and follow me" Jesus said. My wife and I been a member of CFC since 1994 and we see some of our brothers and sisters who just fade away or laid low, inactive and disinterested to be member of the community. We also have a share of experiencing those obnoxious leaders and somewhat insensitivity of the community BUT we are still crazy serving our brothers and sisters as household leaders and even volunteers in whatever capacity that we can. All these are possible because we want and find the need to serve our God and spread His goodness and love to our brethren

  12. Same scenarios sa SFC. may mga unacceptable rules and teachings. But I do hope you won’t limit yourself. Just because one community fails doesn’t mean other community will. At the same time wala naming community. I’ve been a member of Kids for Christ, to Youth for Christ and now serving singles for Christ for 5 years and planning to leave the community to happily join other community. (Light of Jesus Family)

    I have the same reasons as what you had stated above. But I am leaving SFC not because of those reason. In SFC or CFC community I find friends and some of them I consider as family now and I will always be thankful with this community for whoever I am now but it’s not enough, I am living SFC and joining LoJ because there, I find God. I experienced spiritual growth, I find my true calling.

    It doesn’t matter which community we belong. What matters most is our personal relationship with HIM. We can always leave one community for another community, but let’s not stop serving Him through serving others. Because I believe some people out there needed to be save, needed our endless service to find God too, the way we found Him. :)

    1. **wala namang perfect community

  13. I can relate and I have the same observations, esp the meetings that start late and end late. The different t-shirts for different occasions, etc. My husband and I joined CFC in 1995, we left in 2005 and by the grace of God and the continued support of elders, we returned to the fold in 2013. We were gone for eight years but when we came back, it never felt like we were gone at all. CFC is family to us. And like any family, it is not perfect, there are a lot things and practices that need to be improved but instead of being critical, we decided to help build the community. It is my prayer that God will lead you back to CFC and help improve it. By the way, my husband and I were married in a civil rite, but before we completed the CLP, we got married in church together with other couples, courtesy of CFC elders and CLP leaders. You can, too! :) God bless!

    1. Hello Tita, Thank you for your sharing as well, I read the article, and now reading the comments here.

      I am an SFC here in the Philippines and I am currently struggling with my SFC life right now, but that doesn't mean I am leaving, I would be hard for me to leave -- cause SFC, is a big part of me, a big part of who I am right now and so I am reflecting and praying for a better me -- Your short sharing here is helping others too. Thank you Tita. :)

  14. We can relate to you that the CFC model sometimes does not work in life overseas (in our case Canada).. so we decided to join another Catholic community to fulfill our "longing to belonging".. We pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you in your journey of faith !

  15. Pray More....Keep those blessings and make those imperfections as your blessings and you will find the real community.

  16. It's all God's grace if we ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten our struggles and challenges in our CFC Community. Our community and its people is not perfect but God is always there to guide us and give us the wisdom and understanding if we continue to fervently ask for it. We just need to have patience and humility and waits for God's revelation in our spiritual journey. YFC-CFC Canberra, Australia

  17. I am also a CFC member, but now actively attending The Feast ( Bro. Bo Sanchez )
    CFC saved my marriage, but the reason why we are active attending The Feast every sunday, kasi sa CFC hiwahiwalay ang teaching, KFC YFC SFC HOLD SOLD etc... every sunday lang halos yung free time to spend it to your children and inaagaw pa ng time sa CFC kaya marami sa CFC nagkakaroon ng problem sa lumalaking mga anak nila and ayako mamgyari sakin, sa The Feast kasi magkakasama kami ng mga anak ko iisa naririnig namin, pinauusapan at ini aaply sa buhay, I will not leave CFC kasi nna save nya marriage namin, pero we still have to consider yung family time.

  18. I believe that it is not about the community you serve or you belong with but what you learned from that community--from its teachings, from fellow members, and most especially, the way that community brought you closer to the Lord and how you were able to let other people experience Christ through you--that matters. God has different plans for all of us.

    1. I totally agree with you. It's not all about the community we serve or we belong. But with what we learned from the community. Does the people we are with still experience Christ love through us or are they able to bring us closer to the Lord. God really has different plans for each and everyone of us.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Catholics believe that marriage comes as a gift from the hand of God. The Catholic vision of marriage is rooted in Sacred Scripture and is expressed in the teachings and practices of the Church. It has these main elements:

    Marriage unites a couple in faithful and mutual love
    Marriage opens a couple to giving life
    Marriage is a way to respond to God’s call to holiness
    Marriage calls the couple to be a sign of Christ’s love in the world

    22nd Mass Wedding 2016

    The Family Ministry is inviting parishioners who are not married in the Church to join the 22nd Mass Wedding on Saturday 3rd December 2016. Please see the notice board for contact details and register at the Parish Office at your earliest. Last date for submission of documents is 31st October.

    We are Christians/Catholics first before we became a member of any group or organization. Please consider getting married in the church.


  20. Hello. I'm going to be technical about this one. We all want to make every Christian Community the best spiritual home for our members (that's the goal, right?). Mr. Author's reason for leaving, while he claim is immature, I believe is valid: Lack of respect for time, poor talk substance & content and unprepared speakers...

    Community Heads, let us address these. Please do not use "there is no perfect community" as an alibi for not giving our best. (Stick to the alloted time of households, conduct seminars for speakers on how to deliver a talk, RESEARCH...) We all know who we are serving here, and He deserves the best. Let's follow Pope Francis and be more kind, loving and accepting to unmarried couples. It's like you've welcomed them in but plastered a "limited access" sign across their foreheads.

    To cap this off, let's not be too technical. Yes, there are rules, but we should not strictly live by them. Jesus did not come here to correct mistakes but to love without labels. Let's do the same, shall we?

  21. I quit also with same sentiment from my sfc household, nothing against the group, they will really help you grow spriritually, and connect with new friends and people. But i don't regret, im now married now, and my wife is asking me to join again in ghe the community (we're both sfc dubai) but I firmly believe that we can serve the Above and help others even we don't join.

    My advise also to others, in the same situation, don't quit, think that every people has their own views who follow what they want or what is best in their situation.

    For me it's time, I don't have alot of it in this country.

  22. maybe the point is that CFC in itself needs to change its culture. the idea that leaders are ordained by God...they arent they are chosen by other leaders and right or wrong the members have no say...leaders require to remember that they are supposed to be servants..yet they cannot be questioned on decisions..and if you do question them you are classed as a trouble maker or worse. have False accusations placed at your feet. and those false accusations told to everyone in secret. When leaders speak of things told in confidence. where is the teachings why dont they practice what they preach..I am an ex member and I had a very bad experience with leaders, they lied about my wife and I to there members because we made a complaint about there treatement of other members. And the EU Co-ordinator instead of offering advice to them and helping to sort the problems actually gave them more authority and ignored our problems. CFC is a great organisation with great teachings and it can be a great vehicle for evangelisation...however the leadership leaves a lot to be desired...they show disdain for members and are more interested in keeping there own power within the group and enjoying there free holidays and other perks which every member is duty bound to pay for.when I first experienced CFC I loved its message and loved what it was trying to achieve. but my experience as a member in my dealings with some leaders was very dissapointing. So dissapointing I will never come back to CFC untill the Culture of being obediant to leaders at all times changes...and until decision making is decentralised to the areas where those decisions have greatest effect..

  23. men always have an ability and posses a reasoning power. as a catholic by heart and practice, i knew that a sacrament of MATRIMONY is vital and part of our CATHOLIC and CHRISTIAN FAITH. we couple are not a CFC member. but our children are CFC members and i observed that they are happy on it. "different folks, different strokes." GOD IS MERCIFUL.

  24. Peace be with you bro

    I do understand you but I wonder why you can't received the Sacrament of Marriage. It is a grace from God and you will fell the difference once you have it received. You both can also received the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist who is Jesus Himself. Three Sacraments you are missing which are freely given to us Catholics by the Lord.

    Sorry, to tell you this straight, but if you live together without the Sacrament of Marriage both of you are living in sin. The priest cannot absolve your sins and you cannot receive the Holy Communion.

    I pray that one of these days you will received the the Sacrament of Matrimony not only for you and your partner but for your children as well. May the Lord shower you and your family the gifts of wisdom and peace!

  25. Inspiring post! I think all community members could relate to this. A great reflection to those who are going through it right now and also a good reminder to those servants who are guilty of making gatherings monotonous and uninteresting…

    God bless you & your family!
    JM Kayne | www.iamjmkayne.com

  26. PRAYING with YOU.

    God be with you.
    EngjoyHiM. EngjoyLiFe.
    Engatz. God bless
    --Eng Si
    LOJF/The Feast

  27. Hi, I feel you! My wife and i were CFC members too. CFC are more like a social club. We are in a better fold now in CFCFFL. We have better a servant. There is a big difference between CFC and CFCFFL. We are very happy and confident in its leadership. Praise the Lord.

  28. Every community (whether CFC, CFCFFL, or any other set of initials) can become a country club or be transformed into a visible sign of the Kingdom of God. It is the servant-leaders and members who together work to make it one or the other. Without cooperating actively with the Holy Spirit we end with the club; cooperating with the Holy Spirit gives birth to a unique expression of the Church which is the sacrament of the Kingdom of God.

  29. I acknowledge that there is no perfect community. But it is important for me to see that people in the community strive hard to improve things around. I will be careful to use the justification that "there is no perfect community" - it's almost saying "tao lamang ako" and it's a good excuse to ask for understanding but it does not say much about whether people are trying to improve/ grow / learn from their experience.

  30. Peace be with you. I feel you!

    Let's also remember to magnify on the goodness too!
    Much better and bigger things have come our way since we became CFC servants, mostly priceless gifts. This is our 11th year. Thank you for the gift of belonging to CFC!

    Let us always continue to pray for one another.

  31. I am a former CFC leader and now with FFL. We are still serving. Yes, we would have quit the service (both) if not for focusing on Jesus's mission for us. Nice piece bro. We are still comrades in arms for Christ.

  32. I am a former CFC leader and now with FFL. We are still serving. Yes, we would have quit the service (both) if not for focusing on Jesus's mission for us. Nice piece bro. We are still comrades in arms for Christ.

  33. Hi! bro. Boy, I can feel what you've felt and I can see what
    you've seen around in our CFC community and even inside
    our Pastoral Community.
    Discouraging yes it is, but God's calling is our focus
    without these discouraging scenes, how will we learn how
    far and how deep had God melted, molded, filled and used
    us for His Greater Glory.
    By God's grace I prayed a lot for the problems and the persons
    and God answered me step by step as I choose to follow Him.

    He healed me first from my discouragements and pain,
    and now I can feel my smiles, my eyes, my ears, my touch , my steps
    and my words ( more from God's Scripture) emit healing to everyone
    around the corner especially those who needed it most.
    in different languages
    not that I can speak all the languages on earth,
    Knows No Limit, Knows No Barrier and Boundary)

    One at a time and step by step.
    Just Obey, Let Go and Let God in His perfect time.

    Lately our HOLD prayer group welcomed two
    Jehovahs Witness
    willing to study and learn the HOLY ROSARY.
    Amen po di ba?

    The world needs healing and we need to submit ourselves to be
    healed first so that we can heal others and not leave them on their own
    and us on our own.( SHARING IS NOT WORKING).

    Ask yourself bro. Boy, what hinders you from obeying our
    Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Order on THE HOLY SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY.
    Our Lord Jesus Christ has given us 7 HOLY CATHOLIC ORDERS.
    Pray for It and Ask for It and you will experience " HOLY THING" you've
    never experienced before. " WHY SETTLE FOR THE LEAST
    WHEN WE CAN HAVE THE BEST" my encouragement line for
    my unmarried to Christ friends.
    Matalinghaga ang ating Panginoong Hesus.

    " GO & SHARE THE GOOD NEWS OF SALVATION" Jesus told us. 👣❤️🔥

    Maraming salamat sa oras at sa pagbasa. God bless us.✨🔥

  34. I can always say we felt the same on the reasons why we need to be inactive and contemplating to totally quit CFC. We can not hang on sa ka-plastikan sa community!And yet we address ourselves bro and sis!

  35. I was a former leader in CFC (before the divide). I believe that we have all received some "rewards" or good fruits or learnings or wisdom from CFC. The Lord has brought us where we are now and a grateful response we can have now is to ask the Lord what we can do with the partial rewards we have gotten. Ask for the grace to live God's truth in our lives in the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit. Good seeds have been sown in our lives... we are now the "good seeds or wheats" planted by the Lord in the world. "Weeds or bad seeds" will always be around us and according to today's gospel reading, our role is not to be the "judge" but to persevere in love and service and be proclaimers and witnesses of the truth of the Good News.

  36. My husband and I have been CFC members since 1998. In our sector, we have our share of leaders and members who continue to test our patience but we haven't entertained the idea of quitting. We just remain committed to the covenant, support the leadership and do the work that He has instructed us to do. If we will focus on our misgivings to the people around, we would not last 18 years. We are praying for you and your wife that the Lord will give you a patient and forgiving heart and that you'll join us back in our journey.

  37. Welcome to the reality of Service bro. The Service have a pit fall e.g. if you don't like the people around you, you will take the easy way out. As Christian you have to be open minded in every situation and understand that everyone has his rough edges too. Or maybe that person is undergoing difficulties or struggles that you are not aware of. Bro every time I've encountered difficult/critical people, I always say to myself "I thank God that they are the one doing that to me, instead of me doing that them" because I will not be able to forgive myself if I do that to other. My husband and I were CFC since 1994 but with God's grace, now we are with The CFC-FFL thru my prayers and discernment. I would say the teaching is very good far more better/intricate, thus will help you to change your perspective to other people. Be aware of your short fall too and ensure that you avail the Sacrament of reconciliation. Be more prayerful. Seek and listen to what God wants you to do, maybe God is calling you because it's about time that you received the Sacrament of Marriage. Bro Sacraments are source of God's Grace. These are all special occasions to unite us with our loving and merciful God. I'm sure you will make God happy if you heed his call to received the Sacrament of Marriage. Marriage is a public statement of family values and God values.Given that you have been in the community for quite a while. What is taking you so long?

  38. Hello All,
    This is a good article & truly relates all the flaws of the people in the community but as it is mentioned in the article we are imperfect people in the imperfect world. No place is perfect except heaven so I urge this Bro to join back to the wonderful CFC Community.
    By the way we are Indians and part of CFC SHJ since 2009 and we are glad to be part of this beautiful community which has taught us so many things. When you have lived your life & look at the next generation the Only thing you will feel content is when your Children are living in Godly way & KFC, YFC, SFC's are best platforms to get them close to the Lord. Never feel weary of the running around for the sake of community your riches are accumulated in Heaven. Last point, pls get married in the church, there is Mass wedding happening in December too.
    God Bless & Praying for your return to our Home (CFC).

  39. Hi everybody! This is Aui and my whole family is an active member of the CFC community. I will be sharing everything I have read here to help grow the community which is our second home.Thank you everyone for your beautiful sharings and insights. God Bless you all!

  40. Every community is the same even with the same goals and philosophy. People make it different depending in their attributes.

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