Imagine You and Me showing in Dubai

We were at the Dubai premiere showing of this first ‪#‎AlDub‬ movie last night and I think it's good - surprisingly good from GMA Films. Light but fun. Maine did really well. Her wit is natural. I like her 😉

The breathtaking picturesque view of Como, Italy adds enticing flavor to the film.

In the film, Alden is Andrew, a heartbroken guy based in Italy. Maine, meanwhile, is Gara, a hopeless romantic overseas foreign worker in search for her Romeo to be her forever Mr. Right. It was not smooth sailing though, when Gara found her true love.

Andrew and Gara belong to different worlds and have opposing views on love. In short, they are incompatible.

Is there a chance for the two people like Andrew and Gara to fall in love with each other?

The script is well-written. Less cast, which is very unlikely for a Filipino mainstream film, but not less of substance for a romantic comedy.

A feel-good refresher for fans and even non-fans of AlDub, basta hindi basher.

Showing in select UAE cinemas from July 28.

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  1. The "basta hindi basher" is spot on. :)
    Dami kasing mema lang. Memasabi lang. I liked the movie, not just because I am a fan of Maine but because maganda talaga ang cinematography and musical score din.