Aside from food, one reason we go back to a restaurant is...

...a good ambiance. Yeah.

But aside from food and surroundings, the other reason why we go back is great customer relations. How would you feel if the service crew or manager or owner starts engaging in good conversation with you?

In many international fine dining restaurant, it is a norm.

Etzhel, restaurant manager of Max's, Adlene, owner of Ihawan and Ken, brand manager of Little Manila are all good at it. They do not just talk and ask about the food. They make sure your overall experience is taken care of. If you are also a good conversationalist, you could even go far and share your whereabouts in the Philippines. :-)

They're not five star restaurants but their characters are.

I love it when managers/owners or even chefs sincerely talks to customers about what they serve you, not about what they sell to you.

Unfortunately, there are few Filipino restaurants that the owners/chefs are not approachable - very unPinoy especially here abroad.

We're supposed to be champion at hospitality. Yes, people love your restaurant because of good food.  But sometimes your reputation banks on what character you show in the restaurant.


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