Of Blogging & Blogs, Filipino Bloggers in Dubai Growing in Numbers

We are not journalists.

We don't work for someone. We don't get visas for blogging.

We are not are guided by policies but by ethics. We may take sides but we try to remain impartial.

We are fueled by passion.

We have no diplomas, but we write with integrity. 

We tell stories from genuine experiences. We verify our words before the world see.

We are not journos, but we are relevant.

We own what we write.

Happy world bloggers day!


...and so it is with great pleasure to introduce more Filipino expat bloggers in Dubai - because I often get asked, "Marami bang Filipino bloggers dito sa Dubai? / Are there many Filipino bloggers in Dubai" Yes, and we are growing.

Here's a RANDOM list of those I've already met offline and online. Please do check them out - they're really good in their particular subject areas.

Expat Living, Food and Lifestyle

1. Sandier Pastures
2. Dubai OFW
3. My Yellow Bells
4. AB and Me
5. Lady and Her Sweet Escapes
6. Cuddles and Crumbs
7. Filipina Expat
8. Glimpses of Pam
9. Tin Cura - Design and Adventures
10. Sounds Funny and the Not So Funny
11. Sweet Nothings
12. The Isaacs Journal 
13. Blessed Days in Dubai
14. Boy Dubai - because some of you will copy-paste this list :-)
15. Dadedidubai

Travel, Food and Lifestyle
1. Janesarabia - Desert Life
2. Find Me A Break
3. Solo Flight Ed
4. A World of Travel and Possibilities
5. Beyond Toxicity
6. iKen
7. The Thrift Trip
8. Boho Wanders
9. The Quesobelle
10. The Sassy Journalist

Fashion and Beauty
1. Technemoda
2. The Fierce Walker
3. The Style Choreo
4. Tinayums
5. Ramblings of Life, Makeup and Everything in Between
6. Mahryska
7. The Shades and Scarf

For people who still mistake us for journalists, we are not. There are differences, but we are cousins.

It takes honorable time and effort to become a journalist. Their profession is backed by profound training and experience. They are capable of building a strong reputation not only for themselves but also for the organization they work with.

We respect journos.

A blog can be created overnight, but it takes integrity more than time and effort to become an AUTHORITY blogger.

Blogging can be a stepping stone into journalism. 

The question about who the readers trust more, journalists or bloggers, is inevitable. Both content creators can be trusted, or not. Because readers are more skeptical these days, whether you're a journalist or a blogger, trust is earned by the quality and relevance of content you post.

Happy bloggers day!

Thanks to Kenneth Surat for some of the photos

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  1. Is this group exclusive to Filipino Dubai Bloggers only? How can I be a member? :)