Duterte - his flaws make him unique

If you are voting Mar, Grace or Miriam, this is NOT for you (no one votes Binay right?). I respect your valid reasons for choosing your president. But if you are trying to convince me not to vote Duterte, then read on…

They say, you are only as good as your last game - I don’t buy it.

Yes indeed, that was one insensitive and tasteless bad joke. Many were offended, but "just because people are offended doesn’t mean they’re right” (Ricky Gervais), right?

But wait, aren’t we living in a country where even comedians get flak for "bad jokes”? Are we not in a country where insulting jokes are our everyday lunch?

Critics ask, "Yan ba ang values na gusto nating ituro sa kabataan?”

If my memory serves me right, values should be taught by the parents, not the president. Mas bad influence pa nga ang ilang teleserye gabi-gabi e.

"No flaw is sinful or shameful.” - Rick Warren. This kind of flaws make him unique compraed to the traditional politicians failures.

Pretty sure we will just shrug it off soon and move on from this. We’ve all moved on from real big jokes anyway - the Kidapawan farmers letdown, incompetent Yolanda relief and rotting donations, Lumad killings, Maguindanao massacre and SAF44 horror, Laglag-bala shame at NAIA, TRAFFIC, Napoles and so on…

Now tell me where the mayor's verbal meltdown fall under.

Like most of you, I also pray for Mr. Duterte to look into this facet of his character. He don't need a charisma built around machismo if he has to become a president.

I will always take a bad joke than a bad governance. Tama na! Putang-puta na ang 'Pinas dahil sa mga elitistang ungas!

(Excuse my French)

I'm at peace voting for #Duterte. The man understands his priorities. The mayor knows by heart and has proven that actions speak louder than words.

Good governance will never be a joke.

(With all due respect to victims of rape and their love ones, you are in my thoughts and prayers.)

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