acquired by a European startup for million dollar deal

Recognized as one of the top blogs in the region, Boy Dubai was recently acquired by the emerging start-up company Sloof Lirpa LLC for a million dollar deal. This is a first in the world that a blog was bought for a huge lump sum.

In less than a year from now expect dramatic changes to this blog and the way you use it.

It was not an easy decision to sell this domain as I have also quite interesting plans to reinvent the blog.  It's really hard to let go of my brainchild. But the drooling offer from Sloof Lirpa was just too good to refuse.

One key factor that the buyers looked at when they bought the domain is the power of the prefix 'Boy-' especially to the ever growing Filipino community here - which makes the whole thing mean... the master of Dubai - Boy Dubai.

To the readers and followers of my blog in the past 5 years, thank you very much! Please continue to support the new Boy Dubai way forward.

As for myself, I would probably take the road ahead 'unknown.'

Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

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