Why OFWs are voting Duterte for President

Let's say, as an OFW, you want to hire someone to look after your families back home. You have these 5 applicants:

Mar Roxas - always posts photos to show you that he is doing his job well for your family but actually not. Hindi sanay sa hirap pero pabida, nahuhuli mo sa mga salita nya. Your kids don't like his favorite color.

Jojo Binay - claims credit that he's providing well for your family but you feel shortchanged because your kids are growing malnourished. Yun pala, binabawasan nya yung remittances mo to buy himself cakes.

Grace Poe - Mabait pero malamya. She promises the moon and the stars, but you cannot trust her because she might bring "ibang lahi" at home.

Miriam Santiago - has the most brilliant ideas about looking after your family. She is quite aggressive though, and she talks more than you do. But lately you are doubtful she might not be able to perform her job 100% because of health concerns. Laging may excuse letter.

Rody Duterte - referred to you by many because he has done a tremendous job in raising up his family. He works hard and protects your kids. He fights everyone who dares to trespass your family. Yun nga lang, baka matuto ding magmura yung mga anak mo.

Who will you hire?

One of many cars in Dubai that shows support for Mayor Rody Duterte for President
OFWs are always excited to go home.

But whenever we do, we are paranoid about what could happen to us on the streets, in public transport, even at the malls, everywhere.  We do not use our gadgets as openly as we do here. We are suspicious of whoever sits beside us at the bus, jeep, and we hug our bags so tight.

Ironically, we feel unsafe and oppressed in our homeland today.

We've been working overseas for too long and we see less positive changes and more negatives from the time we reached the airport. We can't help compare the Philippines to the country we're working in.

It is an ultimate dream for OFWs to retire in the Philippines. For that to happen, we need a leader that can bring back peace and order to the land, and peace of mind to its people.  

With what's happening and shown in the media today, many are already looking at other options, unfortunately. 

When we retire, we need a place where we can play happily with our grandchildren, without the fears of being robbed or kidnapped - a country where people trust the police.

Can you imagine how progressive our economy would be if peace and order is properly in place? That is a good perspective for OFWs who invests in Philippine stocks, mutual funds, UITFs and Real Estate and other businesses to look into.

We need a president that could reduce the number of OFWs in a positive fashion. We need a president who believes in keeping the families together as the only option - slowly putting a stop to working abroad for higher salaries in exchange of being away from the family.

OFWs from Visayas and Mindanao or other places than Manila would be happier about his vision of federalism. The power of national government would be distributed to all the regions so development in infrastructure, transport, education, job creation and other urban developments can happen. Metro Manila will soon be decongested.

We need a leader who can change the content of Philippine news media. We cannot keep worrying about our family and friends back home.

"I will return the streets, the public places to you. I will die for you." - Mayor Duterte

Can we thrive in Mayor Duterte's strict governance?
It's about time to put law and order into effect. The mayor said this many times, "If you are a law-abiding citizen, if you are a God-fearing Filipino... you have absolutely nothing to worry about."

We need someone like him who leads by example - an action man with a humble heart but a fighter. Little known to many, aside from his strict aura, the mayor also exemplifies various humanitarian efforts  and very responsive aid in times of calamities - much more responsive than the national GU in fact. He got what it takes to inspire people to move and take actions as well.

Can he solve all the problems?
Definitely not. He cannot do it alone. But his persona speaks so loud that he can delegate the tasks to the right people. His character is something that people can look up to so they could start the change upon themselves.

His opponents say he can only do those things in Davao and doing the same development for the whole country is just a dream. Them, who in their local government terms cannot even surpass 10% of what Davao City has become.

His track records don't just speak about how good a leader he is. The records also shout his desire to implement the same (or even better) development to the whole country.

If one person did great in small things, how can we not entrust bigger ones to him?

People's Double Standards
Many church people say he is immoral and un-Christian. Character-wise, how different is he with the other candidates? When talking about running the country, do you really feel that his so-called 'immorals' deter progress? Is it worse than theft, corruption, inactions, insensitivity to people's needs, red tape, and so on?

Well, Mayor Duterte is not a priest, a bishop or a pastor. We can love and hate him. But we cannot contest how he has transformed his city into one of the best in the world in terms of people's safety. We cannot just question his obvious effectiveness.

If we want our Christian values and faith to be preserved and/or to improve, let's run to our church leaders for that matter and demand for more effective connection to people. The church and the state should be separate, remember?

Anyway. let's put this values debate in another venue.

Give him long term
Duterte is the people's choice. It was not his intention to become a president yet he responded to the nation's call. Unlike the other candidates, his pursuit of the seat did not begin on a personal interest. So as we choose him, let us also understand that the changes we are looking for takes a long shot to happen.

To my fellow OFWs, let's not demand attention. Let us make President Duterte prioritize our home country. Let's allow him to put the system North to South, so in time, you can peacefully have the option to go home for good.

Even REBELS and other teams from Mahatta Pinoy Basketball League is for Duterte
It's very rare to have someone with a humble persona and a fighting heart running for presidency. We've never been this hopeful. So this is our chance.  If we don't want more Filipinos to take the plight of OFWs, then let's vote for someone that we believe can make the country a good place to live and work again.

Now if you don't agree, Walang Personalan... I wonder why you've reached the end though.


Note: This article is not about his definite plans and platforms - you can find thousands of articles about it elsewhere anyway.

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