• Amazingly captured #DubaiRains photos in social media

    It's a bittersweet moment whenever it rains in Dubai. We are excited to see the droplets in the windshields, the sound of raindrops and the wind gushing musically in our window panes. But we're worried about the chaos it would make on the roads - horrendous traffic jams and flood (or water ponds as they call it here).

    Here are some beautifully captured photos shared in social media that rather say there's still beauty in every storm - well at least when you're in Dubai. Owners of these photos certainly know how to dance in the rain.

    A photo posted by StEvE pErEiRa (@stvfranp) on

    A photo posted by OD Project (@odproject) on

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    1. The photos are very beautiful and strong! thanks for the post.